Monday, December 1, 2008

December love!

Happy December friends!
This month is sure to be a great one. It will bring many changes. Some of which will bring joy and some of which will bring pain. I rest assured as I hope you will also, however, that we will be the head and not the tail. We will lend and not have to borrow! We will rest and not grow weary! These are the promises of our Lord! This month will also bring many days of shopping, many smiles, many tears, and yet a sense of renewal in our hearts as we celebrate the birth of our king and saviour! I just love this time of year. I feel more in love, much more warm, and I feel like cooking!!!

We woke up to more snow here today. The roads were slick and so the kids and I decided not to venture out, not even to the Y. We're going to go tonight when daddy can go and help me. Braden and I played for a long time this morning before Nora ever woke up which was nice. I noticed as I was tickling him though, that he has a few small sores in his mouth. I'm kind of concerned as he has been fussy the last couple of days (well fussier than normal.) Anyway, I gave him some Tylenol and will keep a close watch. I dont think there's need to take him to the Dr. quite yet but we'll just have to see.

Anyway, Nora woke up and we all just had a lazy morning. The kids watched movies, I read a book for awhile before starting my normal routine of not sitting for the next 3 hours. Dishes, laundry, cleaning up toys, changing diapers, feeding kids, washing hands and then start it all over. It's exhausting I tell ya! But it is so very rewarding. Today while Nora was eating her lunch and watching Dora she just kept talking to me. I was laying on the couch so Braden could sit on my tummy and watch TV as well. He doesnt want me out of his sight and for the first time in a long time, I just sat and enjoyed those few minutes with him. I watched him as he was watching the TV in amazement and wonder and I couldnt help but thank God over and over for my abundant blessings. These kids are so beautiful, healthy and smart. I cant even explain how awesome of a responsibility it is to be a mother but how humble I am that God would trust me to raise them. It's just remarkable to me.

Anyway, Braden is talking more and more every day. Apple, backpack, Dora, truck, and today he learned Elmo. His words are getting better and he seems so big! Nora, of course, is a talking fool which makes my days so much easier (most of the time.) It's nice for her to tell me what hurts, that she's hungry, tired, wet, etc. Also I can ask her something and teach her things and she answers me and absorbs information like a sponge. This is by far my funnest stage with her! Although I enjoy Braden at the age he is at right now for the most part. He is just so funny and still so baby like. I sometimes look at him and feel sad that I brought him home when Nora was younger than he is now. I feel as if I didnt have a chance to fully baby her the way I would have liked to. She seemed so fast, independent and old compared to him. I know God made it so for a reason but I still feel this sense of sadness when I think about the time I may have robbed from her being such a baby. I know I cannot think that way. Her life was immediately changed with the arrival of Braden, but in so many good and wonderful ways.

I feel myself hold him close and even treat him more as a baby than a growing toddler. I feel the need to constantly remind everyone that he's just a baby when I felt I was always doing the opposite with Nora. "She can do it!" "She's a big girl!" It all seems so strange but again, I know that God had a plan in making her the way she is and the same with him. Their personalities have always been different and strategic in the plan of our lives. I trust in it all even now. I love the bond between my children! Even at their tiny ages it amazes me to see the love they have for one another. Nora cannot be without Braden even for an hour without saying "where's bubby mom? I miss him!" It's heartbreaking really. If you ask Braden where Nora is he will immediately run to find her. She kisses him if he gets hurt and he will randomly do the same to her. They just love each other unconditionally and I love experiencing it every day. They truly have something special!!!

Anyway, it's a pretty boring and dull day here in our house. However, Daniel is braving the cold and snow yet again to deliver mail to all the lovely citizens. Please keep him in your prayers through the coming months. He is tired I can tell, but he would never admit to it. He's such a hard worker and wants to do anything and everything to give us all we would ever want or need. Walking 10 miles would wear anyone out, let alone doing it in the snow, carrying a mail bag, 5 days a week! He's awesome and I appreciate him so so much!!!

I hope everything is good with all of you! We think about you, pray for you, talk of you and love you deeply! I'll write again soon...

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