Monday, December 29, 2008

A few PIctures.

Today some of our dearest friends are visiting from North Carolina. Lucy and Eli housed me while I was waiting for Daniel to get back from his first deployment. They barely knew me but for two weeks I literally lived with them. They also took Daniel in many nights so that he didnt have to stay in the barraks or be alone. They kept his truck both deployments and fed us some amazing meals! We played many games, laughed at many jokes and spent many hours in prayer with them! Their daughter, Jessy, and her husband, Ryan have become extremely good friends of ours. They now live in Indiana so while Lucy and Eli were visiting them for Christmas, they decided to make the 3 hour drive to see us as well! We are so blessed to have them! I'll have pictures from the day to post later, but I have a few from the weekend that I wanted to share.
Things here are good. Daniel and I had a great, relaxing anniversary. Thanks Jeni & Dinah for watching the kids while we ate some yummy El Reys! It was so nice! Kind of a slow week ahead but other than that, things are great! We hope you all are staying warm and are doing well!

Jake, mom, Jeni, me, & Dad

Jeni & I

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