Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gonna cut it all off.

It's that time of the month...haha. Impulsive decisions often accompany me through this hormonal journey of a week. Most of them involve my hair in some way. It has gotten longer and I thought I wanted to grow it out. Quite honestly, I dont. I like it short. I like the idea of it being long, but I dont have the patience to wait a year to have it long. It's thick and curly and a huge mess to handle when it's long. I like it to be short and stylish. I like it to feel like me. are a few of my latest choices. By the time some of you read this I may have already cut it all off. Jeni's gone on a cruise so she'll probably be mad, but I cant hold back this intense urge. haha. Let me know which one (if any) you like!

I loveeee this one!
Cute, but dont like it quite as much.
Same girl as above. It's cute...I could see myself with it.
I'll post pictures if I make the big move. haha.


Janice said...

You are too funny.

Ashley's been growing out her hair for over a year now and just last night, she got so sick and tired of it, she went over to Krista's and cut it all off. LOL.

I like the first one but it looks like it may take more styling efforts each day. Two and three are really cute, especially the third one where she pushed it off her forehead.

I can't wait to see which one you choose. I love it when people get new haircuts.

Looking forward to your next blog.

Of Pandas and Pirates said...

I like the first one the best. You'll look beautiful though no matter which one you chose. :)

Kalli said...

Hahaha. I am chopping mine off VERY soon as well! Its impractical to have to deal with long hair when your constantly chasing kids I think.
I like them all, I see you more with the first one than the other, but I like the third one, too! Either way I'm sure you can pull it off, and you'll have to post pictures!