Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye Year, It's been lovely!

It's almost 2009! Can you believe it? It amazes me. One full year without the Marine Corps being attached to our name. Almost a full year of being home owners. One full year that I was not pregnant! (wahoooo!) A full year of non stop weight loss and goals met! A full year of health and no tragedies for this family (Thank you Lord!) Daniel has had his job for one full year and still loves it. Another awesome year of God's proviion and grace in our lives! Thank you Jesus for 2008!

When I look back at the last 12 months I am amazed at the changes in my children. I am amazed in the growth of my siblings and the spiritual depth of my parents. The Lord brought new friends into our lives (Katie & Adam) and I am forever changed by their friendship. I am thrilled with my marriage and have seen great accomplishments as a mother. This year I have truly found myself in whole new ways. This was an awesome year and I can only pray for greater things to come.

In 2009 I would like to:
--Run a marathon
--potty train Nora!
--Help my mom move.
--Find a place where I spiritually can be involved more.
--see Rachel & Amos more than once.
--take a small family vacation
--make at least 3 new friends.
--master kickboxing
--start writing my book
--send my weight loss success story to a motivational magazine!

What about you? Make your own list. It's hard and fun to think of what you could accomplish in the coming months! Tonight we are doing nothing special. Staying at home with the babes and maybe getting a movie. Be safe! Have a great night and holiday tomorrow. We love you all SO SO much more than you know!!!

Our anniversary night.
Braden eating my lasagna the night Lucy & Eli came to visit...

Me & Luc. I love you!
Daniel & Ryan.
Jessy & I
Nora was saying "I got my uggs on."
Nora helpin Lucy take some pics
Lucy was rather disgusted with Nora diggin in her nose for 10 minutes straight. haha.
Everywhere I look my baby's are sneakin in some love time...
Lucy, Eli, & their family.
his newest obsession? Scooting on his butt across the floor.
New Years Eve morning. Snugglin in mama's bed. This is my favorite time with them by far!

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