Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

"..While they were there, it happened that the days were completed for her to give birth. Then she gave birth to her firstborn Son, and she wrapped Him snugly in cloth and laid Him in a manger..."
--Luke 2:6-7--
Today is the day! This is the day that my relationship with the Lord is all about. It centers around the birth of the most precious and special child ever to be born. His name is Jesus and His name is so sweet. The sweetest name I know. To be born of a virgin, live a sinless life, die and live again for me. What a Saviour! What a God!!! Today is an awesome day of relaxing and celebration in honor of the Lord that provides all blessings. He is truly powerful in my life! I hope you recognize Him today as well!!!

We had an awesome Christmas Eve! We spent the afternoon opening presents, trying on new clothes and playing with new toys at my mom's house. We ate good food and just enjoyed one another. We went to Grandma Donna's for dinner and the kids got kind of grouchy as the night went on. I had to wake them up early from their naps so they were wore out! I spent the day getting frustrated because Nora wouldnt eat again, but come this morning, she woke up sick. Now I feel bad for trying to make her eat. Anyway, we stayed up late and played Santa which was such a blast!

This morning Braden woke up first of course. It was awesome to see his reaction to everything. Nora woke up a bit later and like I mentioned, was sick. She had thrown up in her crib. Yucky! My mom didnt come in this morning either which we had been planning because she also woke up sick. I feel sorry for them! Opening presents was a blast and the kids are thrilled with all of their new toys!! Daniel and I got new clothes and all kinds of awesome stuff. I feel incredibly blessed today.

I thought I'd take the time while the house is quiet to upload ALL of our pictures from the past few days. There are SO many so make sure you have a good 15 minutes to spare before looking...haha. What a difference a year makes! I was looking back at pictures of the kids from this time last year and added a few for your enjoyment. Also a few of Daniel and I and some others. I am thankful for the changes in my life in the past year. I am in a much healthier and happier place and I think it is evident even in these pictures! Life is sooooo good. So So Good!

Presents at Nanny's Christmas eve...

I have never seen him as excited as he was over Elmo! That's all we heard for 10 minutes! Priceless!

Our boy this year (15 months) Our baby boy last Christmas (3 months old) Madness at Nanny's! It was awesome. Jeni & I (Christmas Eve this year) Jeni & I (Christmas Eve last year) Jake, Jeni & I (Christmas Eve this year) Jake, Jeni & I (Christmas Eve last year) Daniel & I yesteday Daniel & I last year.
Daddy & His wild children...haha.

Nora got roller skates! She was so funny.
Braden was being a wild man!

Braden first thing Christmas morning! Daddy trying to hold the boy back until Nora woke up. Not happenin, dad! Nora opening presents this mornin even though she didnt feel good PooPaw was singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and Braden thought that was funny!
Nora put her new make up on MeMe. Pretty girls. Smothering himself in Elmo. Lady feeding her new baby. She's such a good mama. Gettin ready to say "baby's hungry." You can tell she's sick. Poor little eyes. Nora Christmas this year. Nora Christmas morning last year. Long, wet pretty hair. ...and just us...

Merry Christmas Everyone! We love and appreciate you all so much. I hope today was as great for you as it was us. I cant believe it has come and gone but I know that the coming days and months will be filled with circumstances ordained by the Lord of Hosts! I cant wait to wake up and see what is in store. Enjoy your families today and I'll update again soon!

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