Friday, December 26, 2008

I cry out for your hand of mercy to heal me.
I am weak and I need your love to heal me.
Oh, Lord, my rock. My strength in weakness
Come rescue me, Oh Lord.

You are my hope. Your promise never fails me
And my desire is to follow you forever...

For you are good. For you are good.
For you are good to me.
Yes you are good! Lord you're so good.
For you are good to me!


Rachel said...

I love you and I hope you know that today I am just COVERING you in prayer! Isn't it awesome that we serve a God who needs no words, He simply just knows and heads the cries of our hearts. I will intercede for you today, and I will be thinking of you and waiting to talk to you. Just be still. I love you.

Kalli said...

I am not sure what is going on but know that we will be praying for you. I may not know what you need but God certainly does. Hope you all are well!