Monday, December 8, 2008

poop poop everywhere!!!

17 Shopping Days Left!
Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

We had another poopisode today. I know you are all amazed at how much I am talking about this lately, but no more amazed than I am talking about it. I cant believe my daughter really takes off her daughter and plays in her poop. She is smart...EXTREMELY, ridiculously smart and yet she insists on playing in her poop? I dont get it. I never will. In fact there are many things about 2 year olds that I will never ever I dont even try anymore. :)

Daniel's birthday is tomorrow. He will be 24 years old! Cant wait to celebrate it with him. He is my best friend and I love having him home to share big events together. It's so nice to know he's here for good.

Anyway, not a whole lot new has gone on since yesterday. I had a bad morning with the kids. They were so incredibly whiny and fussy and I just couldnt wait for nap time. Other than that, the day is almost over. Daniel has practice tonight so I'm gonna try to find something to do with these children....I cant possibly stay in the house with them for much longer!
Here's a few recent pictures of the wildness!!!
Dora says "make a funny face!"
Snugglin with mama on the couch last night. It was AWESOME!!!
Daddy & yummy bubba.
Nora was holdin her meme to keep her warm! She's so sweet!
Gettin ready to go to the Y!
Eatin a doughnut


Janice said...

Miss Nora, what are you doing to your mother? No more poopy episodes, okay?

Ramee, you are not alone. My mom has told the story a gazillion time about how I did the same thing when I was a baby. Just like Nora, I had it in my ears, hair, and all over the spindles of the crib, LOL. I guess it's something that's timeless. Hey who knows, maybe even Mary had to deal with it with Jesus, LOL.

Here's a tip. When Ashley was Nora's age, she used to take off all her clothes and of course, then her diaper. She never pooped, she just liked being naked. The diapers had tape tabs back then so we couldn't refasten them. I used to get a roll of tape and tape around her entire waist so she couldn't find the end. It was a pain, but it worked. Just a thought, but who knows, it might just work.

Good luck,

rameelin said...

Janice! We used to duct tape her diapers on for the longest time. Braden never ever seems to have the desire to undress himself but she just always has. We have pictures of the duct tape so I'll have to find them and post them for you. We've been down this road for long enough! hahahaha.