Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Rota.

Nora and I are sick. She is VERY sick. My kids get the rota virus every year. For those of you that dont know...it's a nasty smellin, nasty all together virus that anyone can get (kids and adults alike). It's one of those viruses that you can never mistake once you've been around it one time. I think I have a little bit of it myself. I went in to get her this morning and she had thrown up in her crib. Before noon, she puked 4 more times. It was terrible. I woke up exhausted and sick to my stomach as well. I wont go into the details because you'd all want to die, but lets just say that this house reeks of sickness. Literally. Happy Birthday Daniel, right?

Speaking of his birthday I wanted to say a special thank you to his mom for having him 24 years ago. This man of mine is remarkable in so many ways. He is strong and secure and passionate. He is, at times...angry, impatient and aggressive. He plays the guitar in worship to the Lord and he prays with our children every single day. He teaches me new things about love every time he kisses me and whispers something special as he passes by. He provides for us like I always knew he would and he works hard to be the man that he is called to be. 7 years ago I fell in love with him! I havent stopped not one second since. He is my best friend and I am so proud of him. Our marriage is strong and although we argue (alot)--we have one common goal in this life which means that we work it out and move on every time. I have lived without him physically and know that hardship that brings. I have built a home with him and I appreciate everything he is, does and plans to be. He is an awesome husband, a loving daddy who adores his children, a great son, and son-in-law, a brother-in-law that loves my sister and brother like they were his own. He is an amazing singer, a thoughtful writer, and a devoted friend. I hope that today he felt loved as much as he is! I just wanted to take a second to express only some of the things I love about him and celebrate him for those things today.

I had such a terrible day yesterday. I ended up crying because I felt like all I did was yell at Nora. I could tell deep within myself that she didnt feel good which makes me feel even more guilty. The kids and I took some of our pictures out to Pawpy's and grandma and grandpa's house last night while Daniel had worship practice. They had a blast and it wore them both out! Tonight we are gonna order pizza for my parents, Daniel, his mom and the kids & Jake. We were gonna go out but not with us sicko's the way we are. Anyway, please say a quick prayer of healing for my baby girl today. She looks pathetic and I know her bottom will be sore after all it's been through (I know, I know enough with the poopiness). The joys of motherhood. Oh the joys!

Oh yeah, our governor got arrested. You should watch CNN and check it out. Craziness!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Daniel! Praying for you guys to get better. What the heck is up with Illinois and their politicians...??! Haha.

Kalli said...

Ohhh poor Nora. Ry always seems to get it this time of year as well. Prayers for feeling better SOON.
And no surprise this way with the governor, scary that our next president came from the same area. Gag.

Anonymous said...

Well I pray your husband has a happy and blessed birthday! I will definetly be keeping your lil one in my prayers and you as well. I know it's not easy to watch them feel so sick and it takes a lot out of a mother!