Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ahh For Sunday.

We've had a good weekend here! Friday night my parents kept the kids for a couple of hours so we could go to dinner by ourselves. We are pretty tired from having such sick kids and although we have done really well, just needed a break. We had Chinese at a new buffet and it was awesome. Yesterday was a mellow day but last night we watched a movie with Jeni and that was a lot of fun.

The kids are better. Kinda. Nora is better at least. She's eating a little and seems like she's coming out of this nasty infection. Braden seems to be getting worse before he gets better. His cough is terrible but of course he's still eating and drinking and sleeping fairly well so I'm not too concerned. He's been on his meds less time than she has so they'll kick in soon. Daniel has tomorrow off and then back to work on Tuesday. He's not looking forward to it just because it has been so nice having such a calm week. I know he misses it slightly though--he was even dreaming about walking his route. haha.

I'm gonna start training with my friend Jessi for a half marathon in March or maybe April. Thats 13 miles people! I'm so excited and cant wait to do it with her. She and I grew up together. We were actually born 2 days apart in the same hospital. Crazy but true. Our mom's were great friends all through school, we played ball together every year until I left the high school and have always kind of found a safe place in each other. Her husband joined the Marine Corps right after Daniel and so they just finished and moved back home. She's been taking my classes at the Y and we've been spending some time talking again. It's so nice! Anyway, I'm thrilled and cant wait to start.

Speaking of getting out of the Marine Corps and going home...Rachel and Amos made it back to Maryland (both of them finally) for good! Amos had an interview at the correction's office on Friday and all went well. He was offered the job he wanted and after going through some more small tests and such, will hopefully start in February. He's thrilled and Rache is such a proud wife!
We are so proud of both of you and hope you know how awesome it is to watch God's timing pan out perfectly in front of all of us. You are right in the center of His will and it is wonderful to watch you bind together, pray for something great, and watch it come to pass. Love you both so much and Congrats Amos!!!
(Now, on to the baby making?? I wouldnt mind being an Aunt soon.)

Daniel is thinking of entering a fitness competition as well. His would be in May but I'm encouraging him to wait a little longer until he looks exactly the way he wants to look. Either way, it's exciting!

Kind of a boring update I know. Not much going on considering it's freezing outside and we're sick inside. I hope all is well with you and we love you so much! I'll write again soon......

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Awwww...LOVE YOU! Thank you for everything.