Wednesday, January 21, 2009

...And So History Was Made.

This was my view during the presidential oath of office yesterday morning. My children, as small and innocent as they are seemed to be quickened to what was happening in our great nation. What an awesome picture for their baby books and what an awesome moment in history. to tell them about one day when they are old enough to understand the depth of what just took place in this country!

I have to admit I cried. Not just a little either. It was such a powerful moment to hear Rick Warren pray over our soon to be 44th president in front of the entire world. His prayer was bold, passionate, truthful and humble and I appreciated it so much! It blessed me to hear him pray over President Obama's wife and daughters. It is important that whether we completely agree with him or not, we need to hold him and his family up in prayer daily. They are our leaders and they need a hedge of Godly protection to surround them at all times. I know this man will find great wisdom to lead this nation...not by his own mind or strength but because Christians everywhere are being faithful in their plea to God on his behalf. I am anxious to see what happens in the days, weeks and months to come. I am glad it is all over and we can begin to settle as a nation a little bit. It feels freeing in a way.

The kids are better. Braden's eye has completely healed and their coughs aren't as deep or rough as they were a week ago. It has been the longest week of my life. haha. I'll be so glad to have warm weather and to be able to see them playing outside half naked and barefoot like babies are supposed to be. Ahh to feel the sunshine. Anyway, things are good all around. Daniel went back to work and although he is completely exhausted, is still in a good mood. He's such a good husband and daddy! I love that he sacrifices so much to work a job that isnt always ideal just to take care of us the way he sees suitable. It humbles me and I appreciate him so much. Not a day goes by that I dont try to express that to him. I am so thankful to be able to be home with these children (even though at times they are frustrating.) They are beautiful and a blessing and I'm not missing a minute of it. It's an awesome time of our lives!

Here are a few pictures of Brother and me. Nora was sleeping the other day and he was being too cute not to get some pictures of. So here he is...the wild man himself...

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Rachel said...

That picture of the kids + Obama is awesome! Will definetly be something they will look back and want to see. Brother is looking buckwild and fiesty as usual.