Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Haircut Pictures and an update...

How ironic is this?
I'm having a crappy day because I'm constipated. It's the story of my life for those of you that know me. I can drink 15 bottles of water, exercise for 3 hours a day and still nothin for 13 days. But does the Dr. seem concerned? No. Eat more fruits and veggies she says. Ok diet is better than ever and still no hope? Thanks alot. So, I've spent most of my morning obsessing about the fact that I cant poop. The kids dont have a problem with it though. They've done it enough today for all of us.

I've spent the rest of my morning taking care of 2 sick babies. They both have runny noses, alot of congestion and grumpy attitudes! No fun for mom, I can tell you that much. I actually dont feel 100% myself today. My body is pretty sore but it's probably due to the extra class I'm teaching and all of the exercising I'm doing. Today is slightly a break day until class tonight. Or...maybe I'm getting sick myself. I hope not and am praying against it, but for the most part until now--we've all been super healthy and I thank God for it!

Speaking of my went really well on Monday. I had well over 15 people come which is HUGE! They were mostly all people that I know so despite being nervous, I did rather well I think. Tonight is the same routine so that will give me a chance to not fret so much about it all.

Here are a few pictures of Braden's hair cut. I still dont like it a whole lot but it's growing on me. There's no other choice other than to look at him and cuddle him and he couldnt NOT be cute no matter what we did to him...hehe.
If you think he looks more ornery, it's because he is. If you think Nora's because she is. They're so cute!!! I could look at them all day (oh wait, I do.) Lucky me!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you get to feeling better! I can't believe how much your son looks just like your husband in this picture! He is so cute though with his hair cut he looks so grown up! ;)