Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday G-ma Donna!

Yesterday was my grandma's birthday. Tonight we are all headin to her house for some yummy tacos to celebrate. I'm pretty excited because A) I love tacos! and B) we havent spent much time with grandma and grandpa in awhile and it should be a fun time!

Grandma, I hope you always know how special you are to all of us. There are so many things about you that I hope to aspire to duplicate in my life. For one thing, you raised 3 boys and that alone proves that you are far stronger than you get credit for! Thank you for being in our lives and sharing so much with us. I appreciate that so much and am thankful knowing that I can count on you when or if I need to. I hope you had a great birthday and many great ones to come!...We love you!!!

Nothing too new in our world over the last few days. I have felt more calm and more relaxed knowing that Braden's giant bump is nothing to worry about. Rache suggested I give it a name considering that I feel like it's calling out to me every time I look at him. haha. We're crazy I know. Braden said "birthday" today after I told him we were heading to grandma's house to celebrate hers! He is saying and doing so much. Too much sometimes. Nora is as sweet as ever and when I crawled into her crib with her to snuggle today, she actually let me. She wrapped her beautiful little arms around me and squeezed so tight. She's my little light. I cant believe it's going to be February tomorrow. I am so excited for Valentine's day although we dont have any major plans. I just love the day. And after Feb. means that it will shortly start warming up. I'm beyond ready for that!!! Anyway, like I said--nothin new here. Hope you guys are well and have an awesome weekend!!!

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