Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Lord is at watch over us!

I daily pray a prayer over our home that sounds something like this:
"Lord, thank you for sending your spirit to dwell in this house. Thank you for your presence that never leaves us. God, please surround each room with your angels and let us also feel their presence. Let them be round about us as we go through our days and let the children know the difference between a home that is godly and ungodly. Thank you for doing it Lord!"

Now, the prayer varies slightly from day to day but generally throughout my day I find myself praying these things through our home. We have done this since the first day we even stepped into it (even before it was ours!) Not long after we moved in we began hearing rumors from different people around town that several families left this house because they believed it be haunted. That they had seen "odd things" or "strange people" upstairs. However, I was never phased by such talk. The Bible says in Matthew 16:19 "and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven..." We most certainly have bound up any form of evil presence or fearful spirit that would have or could be in this home. We have done that from the beginning and continue to do it every day! I pray that God would "loose" His spirit and His angels to be in this home and because the Bible says it, we know it is so!

So onto my account of what happened today...
The kids have both been sick with colds for the past 4 or 5 days. They have been coughing quite a bit and today when I laid them down for their naps I just felt uneasy about going downstairs and not being able to hear them if they coughed or needed me. So I went to lay in my bed to try to rest myself. Now I am PMSing slightly (ok alot) and with that usually comes a week of non stop thinking. I seem to re-live traumatic times in my life and think about vivid details of those situations. Today I happened to start thinking about the day that Uncle Bo died and being in his house with Nanny & Pawpy before anyone else arrived. I can remember Nanny being nervous and so upset which upsets me thinking about that anyway. I remember Pawpy's hands shaking and him trying to comfort Nanny. Anyway, those sorts of things run through my mind for days and days causing me to be anxious and restless. It's an awful thing really.

So I finally close my eyes and try to just be still. The house was quiet and the kids were sleeping good. All at once this overwhelming smell falls over me. It smelled like graham crackers or sugar cookies or something very sweet and calming. It was so strong in the room that I thought my sister or mom came in the house without me knowing it and maybe they had some good lotion on. But as I laid there and just enjoyed the smell, all at once an awesome peace covered me. It was almost paralyzing I didnt want to move and I immediately teared up because the calmness of it all was surreal. Immediately I heard the Lord speak to my spirit.
"Just rest. Your children are being watched."

I couldnt even cry although of course I wanted to. But it was too awesome of a moment. All I could do was giggle a little and take it all in. It was incredibly awesome!!! There have been times in my life when I have felt the absolute peace of God but this was one of those times I will not soon forget. My sister came to the house shortly after this occurred and when I asked her if she smelled anything in our bedroom (without knowing the story) she said that it smelled like I had lit a strong smelling sugar cookie candle! The smell had lifted some by that time but she still smelled it and confirmed that the Lord truly did send a sense of peace to me today!

He is real and He is present! He knows that at this particular time in my day, week and life I needed to feel His peace and His presence. I know this is an extraordinary moment and it wont occur in all of your lives the way that it did mine. The Lord manifests Himself through us and in us very differently. Every single day I feel His presence but a confirmation of His all knowing spirit was an awesome affirmation to me today. I will not fear or be afraid because the Lord is with me. He is my comfort and my shield and He will deliver us from evil! He is an awesome God and is mighty to save! Thank you Lord for protecting my children and my home. Forever I will glorify your name!!!

"Fear not: for I am with thee."
Isaiah 42:5

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Boltonlady said...

that is amazing what happened to you..I"ve had something similar except what I smelled was my grandfather's aftershave randomly..and he passed away in just calmed me.