Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday madness...

Where do I start? The last few days with Heidi in the house have been awesome. She's such a good dog and is so loving. She cuddles with all of us at different times and is getting really attached to me. She only has accidents during the night ( so far ) but it's not a huge deal. I really enjoy her company.

Friday night Daniel & I relaxed and watched a movie after Braden went to sleep. It was nice but I was soooo tired. I ran 5 miles in 44 minutes during the day and it just wipes me. I"m feeling great about the mini marathon though. One thing about me is that when I set my mind to do something, I'll do it and I'll do it well. Therefore, I cant wait to run that thing and feel great about accomplishing yet another huge goal.

Yesterday was a pretty normal and laid back day around here. I went to church by myself in the morning. I'm feeling super disconnected from the church atmosphere still. Not sure what that means, but I'm praying God would give me some direction or at least ignite my passion to be in service again. It's so cold so in a way it feels like a chore to get out and go. I dont want to feel like that. I want to go and worship the King. I want to learn more about the Word and grow with my Christian friends and elders. I love them all so why the distance, distractions and frustration over going? Please, Lord, help me.

Braden has a small pea-sized lump on the side of his neck. It has been there for awhile but at first I thought it was just the way his vein was. Now, I have changed my mind and feel concerned. I showed mom last night and she acted concerned as well. I got right up and made an appointment for today with his Dr. I'm sure it's nothing, although I did have a little breakdown over it after he went to bed last night. The enemy sure knows how to take a situation and bring fear into our hearts! Daniel just held me and prayed and prayed. We rebuked sickness in the children's bodies and also fear from our minds. It is so hard being a parent, let alone when your child is sick or potentially could be. Again, I'm sure this is nothing to be worried about, but I'm going to make sure by taking him today. Please pray that the Dr. would have wisdom and understanding in this situation. He's a good Dr. But I trust the great physician to have already healed any ailments that the children could face in the future. He is a God who is concerned. I trust Him. I'll keep you all updated. In the meantime, just know how much I love you all and appreciate your support and love in our lives as well.

Have a great day!

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