Monday, January 19, 2009

One More day with my lover.

Today is Daniel's last day off of work. We have had a great week I must say! I'm actually going to miss having him home and having his help with the kids. Although I wont miss cleaning up after him and all of that fun stuff. haha.

I'm having an off day. I woke up with a headache and still kind of have one. I actually think I'm going to lay down while the kids are napping. Daniel went with his dad to return a heater we bought and so the house is quiet. It's nice.

I wish I had something profound and uplifting to write about. I'm kind of bored and therefore rather boring. Braden and Nora are both better today so we took them out for some lunch. That was nice but we need to stop spending money. haha. Daniel's W-2 should be in anytime so then we can do our taxes. I'm excited! Even though I already know where all of our refund is going, it's still nice to think about adding a little extra cash in the mix. We want to get a laptop, but thats luxury compared to the necessity of new windows and heat for our un-heated living room. We have a functioning computer with like 8000 or more pictures stored on it. It'll crash soon I'm sure, but until then we'll be using this bad boy.

Braden is saying so much lately! He says "here ya go" and calls himself "brother" now (which is what we've always called him since we brought him home!) Oh, he also says "No!" if you ask him a question. He marches himself to the corner if he gets in trouble and we tell him to go and he stays much better than his rebellious sister. Speaking of his sister. What is with this age? 2 1/2 is like a nightmare somedays. For instance on the way home from lunch today I started to ask her something and she said (ok yelled) "Shut up mom." Um, ok. No. We dont talk like that to her so she must have just heard it in some random conversation. It's just about too funny to discipline her--but of course she gets in trouble! We put her in the corner and almost always take her up to her crib if that doesnt work. Well, she is now throwing herself out of her crib in fits of aggression so that's no longer working either. Oh my. It's been fun.

I ran 5 miles outside in the cold and snow yesterday. It was awesome but I realized how much further it is to complete 13 miles. Yikes! I have a lot of training to do!!! I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger every day. I have cut back slightly on some of the extremes of my exercise plan but for the most part, I'm still a psycho and I love every minute of it. I'm one of those freaks that really does enjoy exercising and if I could spend 5 hours a day doing nothing but that, I would. Daniel agrees. We're made for each other...haha. Freaks.

Anyway, I hope everyone is stayin warm and enjoying their holiday today. I know we are! Here's to the beginning of another week of boring winter!

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