Friday, January 23, 2009

Prettiest Pup on the Block!

Everyone Please Welcome to our Family...
Heidi is a daschund terrior who is less than a year old. She is calm and cuddly and perfectly sweet. She is great with our kids and they love her so much! She is potty trained and slept without crying through the night. She has been moved from house to house alot the last month and I'm so glad that she'll finally get to be settled here with us. I immediately fell in love with her little face and even more so last night when she fell asleep between my legs on the couch. Daniel was, of course, in love with her at first site. He made a joke that I think is rather funny and said "well at least we know she's mine...she's got my nose for sure!" haha. She's the sweetest. I never thought I would enjoy or even want an inside dog, but so far I feel super blessed to have her with us!
We kept telling Nora all morning that Heidi was coming to live at our house. "You're getting a puppy today, Nora" I kept telling her. Well after her nap when I took her downstairs and she saw Heidi waiting on us, she looked at me and said "(gasp) there she is mom!" It was the sweetest thing ever! She was kind of afraid of her at first and wanted to sit on my lap while trying to get Heidi to come to us. She jumped on the couch thinking Heidi couldnt do the same, and when the puppy jumped up Nora couldnt stop giggling. It shocked her! She warmed right up to her though and by last night had literally put Heidi to sleep by sitting on the couch and petting her for almost an hour. She then said to me, "I'm a good mommy to my friend Heidi, mom." She's the best girl ever!

Nora's first reaction...
She, of course, has to be a big helper!
I got pictures with both kids after they saw Heidi because they both looked so cute and happy!
Braden's reaction was quite different than Nora's. He woke right up and screamed "Pup-pyyyyyyyyyyyy!" and then proceeded to run and chase after her all afternoon and evening. One of the first things he did was open his mouth to kiss her big old nose! It was so sweet and he actually is really calm with her which I'm surprised by but happy of!

Braden's first reaction!
This was later in the evening after she had calmed down a bit. Nora wouldnt leave her side. She's in love for sure!
My kids put themselves in the corner. Humorous I know. haha.
If we would have let her, she would have slept in there I'm sure!


Rachel said...

Here's what I think is hilarious--

Rachel said...

Oh darn it, you can't see the picture, I'll post it later on my blog haha. Anyway, Heidi is adorable and I'm calling you now.