Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sick Sick Sick Babies.

Hello outside world.
This has been a crazy week! Daniel is off until Monday from work which I thought was going to drive me crazy but has come to be a huge blessing and a HUGE help. Nora hasnt been feeling well since last Monday so we finally took her to the Dr because I could tell she wasnt getting any better. She has a sinus infection and possibly bronchitis. Both are currently being treated by the dreaded antibiotic. It makes my children absolutely crazy to be on any sort of medicine. I think thats normal with most kids but this is sure to be a long 10 days! Especially because today Braden woke up and looked just like her. His eye was matted shut with green drainage and was red and swollen when we finally did get it cleaned and open. The Dr. started him on the same meds as Nora and thinks it should clear up in the next day or so. If not...back to the hospital we go. I'm not about to mess around with their eyes like that.

So I've been sleeping on Nora's floor in her room because of her high fever and neither baby wants to let me out of their sight. Daniel is so helpful and has been overly patient with all of us, so I am beyond thankful for the fact that he's home this week. Oh, and it's soooooooooooooo freezing here that they already cancelled school for tomorrow and possibly Friday. Could get as low as -30 in some areas with the wind! So again, such a huge blessing that he isnt out walking in this weather! God surely has favor upon our lives!!!

Needless to say I'm really exhausted and other than alot of snot, alot more crying and very little sleep...there is nothing new in our world. Please keep the babies in your prayers and this mommy too if you think about it. haha. I feel like I'm running on adrenaline and nothing more. I'll sure be glad when spring arrives! Hope all is well in your world. I'll post new pictures soon so be on the lookout! We love you all.

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