Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some pictures!

The kids are a little better today. Nora woke up at 10:30! I was so glad she got some good rest finally. Braden's eye looks a tiny bit better but still has me slightly worried. The first picture is from last night when it was the worst. The next two are from today. Although he looks pitiful in these pictures, he is actually in a great mood and doesnt seem bothered by it at all. He's such a strong boy!
I remember Nora's swelling like this last winter when she was sick with the same sort of infection. We are praying and God is healing!

Here are some pictures from the past week or so. We've been inside alot due to the weather and the kids being sick. Daniel is also off of work until Monday the 19th. Most of you know that we dont usually do well being together for such a long period of time (haha) however, having him home has been awesome since the kids have been so clingy and demanding. He's been able to go to the gym and do little things around here to keep himself from going completely nuts. So...I am prefacing some of these pictures with the fact that we know we are crazy. You dont have to tell us. We just know. haha. But in all honesty...just mostly bored. Cant wait for spring!

My messy babies! This was AFTER her bath and before bed a few nights ago. It was pudding. I suppose I dont have to say that she did indeed need another bath. haha.

This boy can eat! This was a bowl of sweet dip I make and he literally ate almost the entire bowl. Well, other than what is on his body. haha.

I just wanted to put this picture before the rest because I needed you to get the full affect of his pink slippers. They make him overly happy!

Since I dont have a video camera, the next few pictures are just action shots of the boy playin peek-a-boo. He loves it and even if you say "Braden where's your juice?" He thinks it means "Where's bubby?" and plays. haha.

Daniel got this new iron-man chin up bar that can also be used for push ups. It's awesome and we both use it alot. Like every time we walk by it (because we're psycho's). Since the kids have been SUPER clingy and apparently he was bored, this was the result a few nights ago. haha. Desperation., you're eyes are not fooling you. This is a picture of my children attempting to get a piggy back ride from their over achiever father. haha. I love this...but you can tell Nora doesnt feel good and that makes me super sad :(


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Your kids are getting so big and they are so adorable.. even when they aren't feeling well. I am glad that they are feeling a little better and pray for their healing to come soon!

Jackelyn said...

Hey Ramee! How are things with you guys? Yeah the boys are getting pretty big! So are your little bundles of joy! It's crazy how time flies!

Anyway, how do I follow your blog? I would love to keep in tough with you!