Monday, January 5, 2009

We Are Alive!

Hello World...!
I know I've been slacking and I apologize. We had a great, uneventful weekend here in our house so I suppose that is the reason for my blogging laziness.

Saturday night we took the kids to the mall to let them play in the play area and see the puppies. I had a terrible migraine so I took my imitrex before we left which drugged me up and in turn made me sick. But my headache was gone so at least I know it does what it's supposed to. I cant believe that not long ago I was actually taking them every day! God's healing power is awesome!!! Anyway, we came home and put the kids to bed and called it a night. It was a fun fun time!

Sunday we got up and went to church in Waynesville at my friend Katie's church. Her dad pastors there and it was just a nice change of scenery. We enjoyed ourselves and the kids played in the nursery with Jaden which was awesome. They are so good about staying anywhere as long as their together! I love that!!! We came home and put them down for their naps and went crazy cleaning up Christmas decor. Took down the tree, rearranged the toy room, and dusted like a mad woman! It looks so nice and different in here! Last night Jeni came over to cut Daniel's hair which is growing extremely fast and getting so long. When she was done we decided to cut Braden's. I didnt realize that they were going to cut it cut it and actually it was Daniel whose to blame for the massive amount of hair that he no longer has. He looks handsome (as always) but I cried a little and still feel sorta sick knowing all of his hair is gone. Makes me sad to see him look like a big boy! :( He likes it though. He keeps rubbing his own head and grunting/laughing. haha.

Tonight I start kickboxing and Daniel gets back into the swing of worship practice after a long couple months of holiday craziness. I'm nervous and excited for my class but ready to get it over with! Once the first one is done, I think I'll be much more ready to dive in and get better and better. I just get nervous having to speak to new people and teach them I suppose. So be praying for me tonight and I'll let you know how it goes!

We're starting potty-training soon. I'm trying to decide rather to start today and go at it full force or to wait to see if Aunt Rachel and Uncle Amos are coming to visit next week and start when they're gone (since we may stay pretty busy while they're here.) Either way, it's gonna be soon and I'm readyyyy! I'm praying for God's wisdom, patience and strength. Please join me! haha.

I'll post pics of Braden's hair soon. And the rest of us I guess. haha. Hope you're all well.

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