Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby pictures!

I never have baby fever. I have two babies the way it is. I am swallowed up by diaper changes, a mouthy 2 year old, a fussy 18 month old and a puppy who needs as much attention as the two babies put together. I spend my days making sippy cups, finding binkies, kissing boo-boos, standing them in corners, laughing at their dancing bodies, giving naps, singing songs, reading books and doing it all over again. I worked very hard to feel physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally healthy again after having Braden and I don't take any of that hard work for granted. I even say the words "no more babies" very often. However, the Lord told Daniel that we were going to have 3 children. Amazing isnt it? That my husband hears from God himself and yet still refuses to converse at all about the thought of another baby. His reluctance in this issue is probably the deciding factor of my attitude on most days because more than anything I love being a mommy to these 2 babies.

When I found out that I was pregnant with Nora I felt this overwhelming sense of pride and responsibility. I was going to be the greatest God fearing woman that I could be. I was going to be a woman who loved the Lord and served Him so that someday this child could be proud of the stand I took in His name. I loved her right away and knew in my heart that she was the best thing that was ever going to happen to us. She strengthened the love that Daniel & I had for one another and it was already deeply strong. I remember praying over her growing body as my husband would lay hands on my tummy weeping for the future of his unborn daughter. We still daily pray for her future. That God would ordain her steps, that her husband would be prepared for His calling and that she would hear His voice even now. She has and always will be the light of my life. I loved being pregnant with Nora! I loved the anticipation of knowing that I was going to be a mother and I was determined to be great at it!
I'm not going to lie. Finding out I was pregnant with Braden was much more difficult for me to grasp. It had much to do with the fact that my 5 month old was laying in front of me and her daddy happened to be across the globe, countries away and not returning for 6 months after that moment. I was anxious, nervous and unsure of what was to come. But one thing was for sure...I was thrilled that I had yet another opportunity to bring a child into this world. I wanted so badly to nurture another person the way that I had been nurturing Nora. I loved being able to give Nora the gift of a brother or sister. Pregnancy with Braden was also very enjoyable. As my belly grew and I knew he was a boy, my hopes and dreams for him changed slightly. I started to pray differently over his life and yet I knew that I was being shaped by God to be the mother of a boy. It is much different. It has, on many days, been difficult. However, I know that God is preparing me for something great with this little guy! We were already told by God that Braden was going to speak His word to hundreds of people. Every day when I look at him and he is babbling around this house, I cant help but remember that revelation from God and thank Him for making it so! Braden's future is sealed by the promise of our almighty king and I am beyond thankful. I once thought I couldn't make it through the first few months of infancy with another child like Braden...but now I'm not so sure that I don't want to try. He is everything to me and the joy he brings my heart cannot be matched.
I am simply writing all of this because I am definitely having some baby fever. As hard as it all is, it is so rewarding to be the mother of these two children. They are babies, still, and I know this. I appreciate them and every moment they bring to my life. I try to capture it all in my memory and freeze it there as to never forget these precious times. But what once were much smaller fingers and toes have gotten bigger. They are changing and growing much like my love for them is. Much like my love for being a mother is. I'm not sure that I want to enter the adventure of being pregnant and having a newborn again, but today I am officially saying for the first time in 18 months that I am not completely opposed to have another child. Someday, we will. Someday I will get to experience and relive my love for being pregnant once again. And that day will be great...with more challenges, more growth and more learning than ever before. I just know it!

Here are a few more pictures from the last couple of days! My babies are so funny!!!
Nora Elaine, eating! Can you believe it??
...and brother eating!...
...and eating...
...and playing...
....and thinking he's funny...
...and funnier still...
spacing out from his food coma.
Heidi girl this morning
Brother dressed in his Sunday best!
I was ticklin her toe toes.
Mama & Nora first thing this mornin. mama's strugglin a bit. haha.
I told Braden to kiss Nora.
Brother's favorite thing to do is throw himself off the couch.

Suck-a-toe, Suck-a-toe all the way to mexico!
If this is not precious, I dont know what you think is. My lady and her toes. ahhh.
Binky baby. (ahem, she's only 2 1/2.)


Mrs. R said...

I love all of the pictures!! Miss you all.

Kalli said...

Braden seems like SUCH a crack up! This blog actually makes me laugh because I am one of those people who always thinks about more kids for some reason, like always have baby fever, and for the first time in a LONG time I am so over it for now! I guess we switched mindsets for a while, haha.