Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pictures as Promised!

Valentine's Day was awesome! Daniel and I had a great night out with SUCH a good dinner followed by Starbucks afterwards. We came home to two wild babies who missed us so much! It was a great night! Daniel bought Nora a single rose for Valentine's day which awarded him some major brownie points with me. It was the sweetest thing to see her face when he walked in with it.
The last couple days have been really good for us other than I have had a headache that has landed me in bed for most of the day today and I hate to admit that my shin isnt much better either. It's a bummer but I'm trying hard to take care of myself. Anyway, here are some pictures from today and yesterday. I hope you all had a great weekend as well. Daniel has the day off tomorrow so he's looking forward to the much deserved break! Enjoy the pictures and I'll update again soon! Love you all!

Braden this morning. I love when he grabs his toes...he still looks like a baby!
My two babies playing early today...
Bubby going sliding!
ornery boy!
...again with the toes...
Had to catch a glimpse of what I love most about my life...hehe...
She fell, but looked beautiful as always...
...except when yelling "mommmmm" for no reason out of anger first thing in the morning...
Brother making the big leap
He JUST learned to climb up on the couches. He's been walking since 7 months and just learned this? I dont get him sometimes. haha.
My braided beauty. She dressed herself today and then told her dad "I am a beautiful princess, dad!" Yes you are baby!!!
Just lovely.
Daddy & his girl.
Mommy & her boy.
Mama & Daddy early this mornin. Love him.
Nora's Valentine Rose.
Aunt Jeni with Nora on Valentine's Day.
Again, one of the most special things about my life...getting to stare at this all the live long day. What beautiful toes she has!
Heidi enjoying a V-day treat!
Brother and mama before we left for dinner.
Daddy excited to be out along. hahaha, what a dork.
...and me. Enjoying my night.
Who really knows...
...again, who knows....
When we got home, I realized how much I missed these toe toes. I needed a close up! Notice his face in the background. He loves his fat feet!
Brother excited to see daddy when we got home.
My look alikes!
Us, after dinner. It was a great night!
Relaxin with my baby. She missed me.
giggle box.
Pinchin mama before bedtime.

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Jackelyn said...

Beautiful pictures Ramee!

Glad that you two had a great night out!