Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boring entry.

I went yesterday to pick up the pictures that have been waiting at Wal Mart since who knows when. They were from all the way back before Nora's birthday and 4th of July up to Halloween. I remember why I waited to get them. It cost me 250 bucks for all of the pictures I had! There was 9 small bundles and it was so much fun to go through them! I covered our fridge in pictures so that the kids could look at people we love that dont live by us or just people that they would like to see. Nora was already saying "Thank you mommy! Thank you for doing that mommy!" It was so sweet. I got a few new frames and filled them all as well! It was fun..

I had an hour long massage last night at the Y. It was amazinggggg. I cant believe how sore it made me feel though. I was so tight through my shoulders and she had to really push to get those knots out. I could literally feel them release. It was awesome and I'm definitely going back and am going to try to make Daniel go too. I think he'd love it!

A few days ago I had a good friend email me and encourage me to really stop giving the enemy credit by speaking about the pain in my shin. I started praying and immediately thanking God that it was already healed. It is indeed! On Monday night I did the elliptical machine before my kickboxing because I havent done any cardio at all, and amazingly after all of that it didnt hurt at all. I hate the elliptical but I'm going to stick with it for awhile because it really puts less pressure on my shin than running on the treadmill would. I am so thrilled that I serve a loving, healing God!

Today I have to go speak for a few minutes at the Y's board meeting. It's called a "Mission Moment." Just letting them know how the Y has touched my life! I'm excited to be able to do that. Back to the grind with kickboxing tonight and same ol' thing from here on out until the weekend. Cant wait to get Nora up and love on her! Hope you all have a great day.

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Jackelyn said...

Thanks for the comment about the cold bath! I didn't know that and I'm glad that I took him to the hospital instead!

I'm so happy that your shins have healed!

Oh, and I have a question- that I should probably put on your other blog but I'm going to ask it here anyway. What kind of running shoes do you wear? Or what do you recommend? I have just a plain old pair of Nikes and they're getting pretty worn - think it's time for a new pair.

Thanks Ramee!