Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun Survey.

Feel free to take this survey and paste it to your own blog. Fill it out! It's fun.
i am: excited for Chinese night tonight!!!
i want: my children to grow up knowing & serving the Lord.
i have: the most beautiful babies in the world!
i wish: that Daniel could get the time off to go to Arnold Fest so we could have a weekend away.
i hate: dreary days like today.
i miss: being able to get in my car and drive 45 minutes to see Rachel whenever I want.
i hear: this old computer squeaking. It's gonna crash soon.
i wonder: when we will have another baby and if he or she will have red hair.
i regret: not giving Braden the middle name "James" after Jimmy & Uncle Bo
i am not: sending my kids to public school.
i dance: to worship music with my kids at least once a day. It's wild fun. haha.
i sing: Almost more than I talk. Nora always says to me "Stop singing mommmy!!!!"
i cry: over EVERYTHING.
i am not always: motivated to work out or eat healthy, even if it seems that way.
i make with my hands: 3 meals a day for growing babes.
i journal: as much as I can. It has my heart.
i confuse: Braden for a collicky 18 month old. haha. Which is he? I'll never truly know. haha.
i should: clean the floors today. It's raining, though, so thats not happening.
i start: my day by kissing, hugging, and snuggling with Braden & Nora.
i finish: EVERYTHING that I start!

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