Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Today I am in awe of my God.
Because He chose to first love us, I am able to love.
I love SO much and SO deeply and when I think about that I am humbled by how much the Lord must truly love us, His children.

Happy Valentines Day to you all. I hope you feel love in a way that enhances who you are and the prospect of new things to come! Daniel and I are going out to dinner alone tonight while Grandma Donna and PaPa Dan watch the babies! I am excited to have this evening of love to share with the man that I have loved since I was 16 years old.
Nora got a Valentines present from my mom yesterday and I'm waiting on her to get up so I can give her mine now. She keeps telling everyone "Happy Balentines Day!" "I'm so excited for Balentines day mom!" She's the greatest little thing.

Here is a little look at love through my eyes...
(and there will be lots of V-Day pics tomorrow so check back soon.)

Love is 24 years old with alot of grey hair. It is waking up on Valentines day to a full page hand written note from the man that doesn't write. It is the sound of worship music being played for my children on a guitar by the hands that first held them the day they were born. Love is seeing smaller hands lifted high above them, praising the Lord who has planned their future's. Love is an unexpected long kiss from my tired, quiet husband. Love is little feet running behind me through the house. It is turning around and seeing the biggest smiles, frizziest hair and chubbiest legs. Love is a puppy kiss. It is a long bath at the end of a long day. To me, love is hearing my husband pray over our marriage, our home or our babies. It is holding his hand or rolling over and feeling him next to me in the middle of the night. Love is hearing a new word from my toddler's mouth or the innocence of a phrase that doesnt make sense. It is watching their faces light up with their nanny pulls in the driveway, or when PooPaw backs in. Love is fighting and then making up. To me, love is an 11 year old boy who's eyes are as blue as my own children's. It is the comfort in a call from my sister who still needs me so desperately to give her answers (that I dont always have.) Love is finding strength together through a difficult time that seems endless. It is the smell of my own Nanny that I cant soon forget. Love is a best friend who is thousands of miles away whom my heart literally aches for every day. It is Dr. Pepper. Love is knowing how much work we have put into this life for one another and being proud of our commitment to that. It is hearing Nora say "love you mama." It is watching Braden point to his eye and say "I" and thats it. Love is meeting a new friend online and that leading to yet another one. Love is inspiring anyone around me. Love is looking at him and knowing I love him more now than I ever have before (not knowing that was even possible). It's reading the word of God and knowing it's alive in my life at that very moment. Love is the small things. It's also the big ones. Love is embracing myself; embracing others. Love is easy to see in our lives. It is anywhere that God is. Love is fulfilling itself in my every day. It is the journey. Love is strong and powerful and passionate. It is continuing and growing. Love is changing yet unchanging. Love is knowing that I could and will be happy forever.
My love is....
Everything that is right now.
Daniel. Nora. Braden.
My love wonders if I could possibly love anymore?

Have a great day! Look around and see what the love is in your life!

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