Monday, February 23, 2009

hello monday.

It is 9 am. The house is quiet. Both babies are still sleeping. I didnt sleep well at all last night and so I stayed in bed until just a few minutes ago too. It was soooo nice! This never happens! It says alot about my upcoming day though. The kids will stay awake longer before taking their naps, and Nora may not even take one at this point. Joy oh joy. But I miss them so right now I'm not thinking about that much. haha.

We had a great weekend! Friday night Katie and I went out to eat here in town by ourselves. It was SO nice to talk to her and laugh with her without having 4 little mouths to feed other than our own. Don't get me wrong, I love when we have the kids with us and they are able to play...but I loved hanging out just her and I! The kids did great here with the guys. It was an awesome night! Saturday we did nothing. I woke up sick to my stomach so Sara came over for the morning and I went back to bed. I got up just long enough to lay both kids back down and I went back to sleep again. I slept SOOOOOO many hours but I woke up yesterday feeling better. I must have needed the rest. Yesterday was an awesome day all around. Daniel and I took the kids to church and then came home and spent alot of time together while they napped. We dont get to do that much since he works every other day except for Sunday. But instead of taking a nap like we normally would, we watched TV together and just talked and laughed alot. It was so good for us!!!

Nora told Jeni last night to look at what Heidi did to her binky. Jeni looked and Nora proceeded to tell her "I'ma gonna kick Heidi's butt."
Oh. boy.

Class tonight. Massage after class tomorrow! WAHOO!!! I hope you all had a good weekend. I have pictures to upload but I just cant find the energy or patience to do it right now. Maybe later! ohhhhh & I hear a child! yay!!! Love you all.

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