Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here are a few of my favorite things!

I was laying in bed last night and it really just hit me. It's bazaar to me to think that life in the midst of everything else, sometimes has a way of getting in the middle of our most important relationships. Daniel and I used to talk in bed, pray before falling asleep, etc. Now life has made him so tired. Life has made me so tired. There is no excuse for the lack of motivation to keep our bond strong by talking or praying, but in all honesty we are exhausted! I feel sorry for him. His job is hard and it's cold and he's just so so tired. It makes me sad.

And then there's PMS. Part of life that can ultimately ruin my relationship with anyone that comes in my path for 10 days before I start. My mom, Jeni, Jake, Daniel...you name em, I'm usually a rip to them. I usually cant control it. It's part of life I tell myself.

There are so many other scenarios that get in the way of the most important relationships we have in life. And yet, we allow it to happen. It's hard to think that is possible, but it is. We have experienced it alot this year. I'm making it a point to pray that God would continue opening my eyes to these situations and to help me find ways to get through it and around it, without taking time away from those I love or without getting angry at those I love. It's hard, but it's worth it. Just a tidbit of my thoughts for you today! haha.

Now, onto something more delightful. Thought you'd enjoy a list of my current favorite things!!! Here goes!

My new pink Nike gym bag that I got for Christmas! It's my fave!!!

Lorna Doone 100 Calorie shortbread cookies! YUMMMM
Body splash by Victoria Secret Pink! Smells delicious.
Ravioli. For some reason it is my new craving.
I read SHAPE in the bathtub every. single. night. My addiction for sure.
Peanut Butter Cookies. I've been making them once a week.
Heidi's cute pink sweater! We're getting new ones soon too! She's sooo cute!
Lipton White Tea. So good, and helps me poop! Which we all know is a plus in my life.
Redken Hairspray. Works so awesome in my hair!

Smore's. Had them from Schwan's last night and they were awesome.

What are some of your current obsessions? I'm dying to know!

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Mrs. R said...

I LOVE the Liption teas and Peanut butter cookies!! I don't know if you read on my blog where I used applesauce in them but it made them 10x better!!

Right now I can't get enough of Crystal Light...I drink it all the time (along with water). I'm trying to give up soda all together.

And smoothies while I'm leaving the gym from smoothie king. They have nutritional ones that are great to grab for lunch!!