Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hormonally challenged.

I havent updated in a few days because in all honesty I havent felt like doing anything. During this time of the month, every month, I feel so outside of myself. It's hard to explain unless you are as hormonally challenged as I am but let's just say that on top of irritability, days of crying for no reasons, fighting with everyone around me and sleeping all afternoon I don't do alot. I find myself begging to feel normal again. The headaches come, the songs flood my head until I want to admit myself to the psych ward. Now there is a definite chemical imbalance in my body. I knew it from the second I got pregnant with Nora and suddenly felt stable and normal for a whole 9 months. For the most part, it was the same with Braden. Now I know that the solution to my monthly 4 day "illness" is not to get pregnant again, although during a day like today that fleeting thought does come to mind. But don't worry. Reality slaps me in my face soon enough after even thinking about it.

The weather is killin me. Warm one day, cold the next, rainy and storming yesterday, snowing on Saturday. I told Daniel that if they did stats on seasonal depression disorder, I bet central Illinois and surrounding areas must have it the worst. It only makes sense because I know it throws me off. I just want a nice steady spring day. But, I must admit I do like a rainy one like yesterday every now and again. I slept for 3 hours while the kids did and boy was that nice!!!

My leg is better but only slightly. I'm still icing it twice a day because I still have to use it for kickboxing twice a week. It hurts. bad. But, other than that I havent ran or done any cardio and it's killing me. I told Daniel that I dont even care about the marathon I just have to ensure that I let it heal so I can walk the babies all summer long. It's so important to me!

Speaking of babies, they're doing great! Braden is learning so many new words every single day. It's insane to hear him tell Nora "no! no! no!" She just laughs at him. haha. She, of course, amazes me. We're reading valentines books right now and she is getting excited for the day even though I know she doesnt fully understand. I'm going to make heart cookies with her today or tomorrow and we're going to get them some goodies for when they wake up on V-Day! We're going out that evening which I'm super excited about. I think we decided on not doing gifts for each other because our debit cards had to be shut down due to some fraud surrounding Visa. Anyway, shopping with checks is inconvenient, we don't really have time and honestly I hate spending the money. I just went shopping and bought myself some new clothes (that fit) so I dont want Daniel to have to spend more money on me. That is plenty! And he's getting a new guitar although truth be told I would like to get him something else. But we'll see.

Anyway, so that's life here. I think I'm going to start taking more pictures again. I stopped for so long because after getting paid to do it a few times it seemed like work and not fun. Also because if I add one more picture on this computer the whole thing is going to crash. So, we're gonna find a solution to that problem so that I can continue doing what I love to do and that is capturing these readheads in action!!!
I hope you guys have had a good week. I'll update again soon!!!

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