Friday, February 20, 2009

Ramblin and bloggin.

Hi all!
Sorry it's been a few days since I last posted but I just havent been feeling my best. I finally feel better today although my shin is still in pain. It makes me so angry. Finally I have something that I'm good at and I enjoy and it is stolen from me because of an injury. Anyway, I am really taking it easy and havent ran or walked on the treadmill at all. I can ride the bike, but it's just not the same and to be honest, I hate it. They have a new bike though that is more realistic and has a screen on it. It looks as if you are on a track and you get to watch what you're doing. Anyway, I did it yesterday and that was pretty fun. Alot of hard work for not many calories burned though. Bummer.

The kids are great! Braden is talkin up a storm now! He says and does so much that just amazes me. He'll be 18 months old on the 5th of March. I cant believe it because sometimes he seems older already and sometimes he seems like such a baby boy. It's hard watching him grow and change but man is it fun! Just this morning he was pointing to the TV and telling me that "Diego" was on it. He's a sweet boy in the morning time. It seems as long as Nora is sleeping he will snuggle and be affectionate with me. I suppose she steals the thunder a bit when she's awake and he knows it. But make no mistake that he can find my attention by crying in my ear for 5 minutes. haha. Give him a cookie or some "chocky" aka chocolate... and he's good to go!!!

Miss Elaine is out of control! She's sooooo ornery and defiant and mouthy.
Her latest is...
"shush up mom."
Nora, we dont say that.
"be quiet then."

She was with my mom and Jeni the other day out to eat and she climbed under the table and pooped. She then looked at my mom and said
"You dont have diapers to change me."
Yet when I tell her to go sit on the potty chair like a big girl she will say
"No I'm not! Shut that lid mom."
ok. wow.

She's so funny but is getting more difficult to discipline. She's so stubborn and proud that she will cry and throw a fit for 20 minutes (or longer...literally) before she will say the 2 simple words of "I'm sorry." It's a problem. But I have to remember it's a 2 year old problem. She'll grow out of it. haha.

Today is Jimmy's birthday. I miss him so much and wish so badly he could be here to celebrate with his family who miss him so much as well. I wish he could make a weekend trip to our house and spend the days rolling on the floor with the kids. It saddens me to know that he cant. I have to keep in mind, though, that Heaven is fabulous and I'm sure that the celebrating around the throne that he is doing every day far surpasses any birthday bash we could dream of giving him. But I do miss him. I know how badly Daniel does as well. We talk about him so often, still, and the pain is still so intense. It's amazing how death's pain cannot be mistaken. Birthday's are hard because they are a reminder of the life that once was present in our lives. Now that life is not present with us and it is a reality that is hard to swallow especially on a day of celebration and memory. We love him so much and cant wait to see him again. Thank you Lord for that hope of Heaven!

We are hanging out with Katie and Adam tonight. Cant wait! Other than that, we have a steady weekend of together time planned. haha. It will be good for all of us. We're supposed to get 3-5 more inches of snow tonight. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. Spring is still a month away and it makes me want to cry. I'm over it.

Gotta run. The boy awaits his doughnuts. I'll update again soon maybe with some pictures for you all! Love you and hope all is well on your end of the world!

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Kalli said...

Oh. Boy. Nora reminds me SO much of Ryleigh! I am always reminding myself "she's only two, she's only two" haha. Now she is almost three and it continues on.. I wonder how long it lasts? lol