Monday, February 2, 2009

This week, last year...

Hello Everyone and Hello February!!!
Welcome to the month of Love!
Last year at this exact time, 3 very important things happened in my life. I started my journey of weight loss by joining weight watchers, we walked into an open house of a random home that is now ours...and Rachel was here with us! Can you believe it? I have only seen her once since then and that was for 5 hours during the Fourth of July weekend trip I decided to randomly take. I miss her so much. Looking back at the pictures of her here with us made me so sad. We have changed so much. Nora and Braden have changed so so much! Even though she talks to brother every day on the phone, she hasnt been able to sit and watch him dance, blink with both eyes, run, play, giggle, talk. It's saddens me. She was and is such a huge part of our lives, but sadly from such a distance. And who could forget Uncle Amos? Nora's knight in shining armor. She cant go one time talking to Rachel without asking where he is. She loves him...which makes me laugh a little because besides living with them when she was 10 months old, she has only seen him once too. But she hasnt forgotten him and I know she will not. I just wish that Braden had the same opportunity to see them and enjoy their love and guidance as well.

I love you Rachel Lynn! I'm so happy that Amos is home and that you are guys are settled together in Maryland even though it is 13 hours from where we are. Truly, though, I am thankful that you are safe and sound and together! I think back to your trip here last year and remember Braden screaming, the mouse teasing you, getting your hair cut super short, tracking our food points online every single time we ate and attempting to exercise through our craziness. I also remember walking in the doors of this house with you and knowing that God was going to make a way for it to be my future home. I'm so glad that you were a part of that time with me! It was alot of fun but trust me...the next time you visit will be that much greater. These kids could never let you down in that department!!! We love you. I know we'll see you soon...just wish I knew when. Miss your face so much! You're my best friend and I'm so glad that the Internet played a part in meeting you. God is funny sometimes but there is truly no one in this world that mirrors me in the way that you do. I thank Him for that everyday. You are not only my sounding board, but my strength, light, determination, and guidance in so many ways. You're a great wife and woman of God and I love you more than you can know! Here are a few pictures from your trip this time last year!...

Next, I want to briefly talk about my weight loss and joining weight watchers last year at this time. It amazes me that it has now officially been one year since I started on this journey. I know you have all read about it alot, I talk about it alot, and maybe you're even sick of it. I just cant help but write about what an incredible journey this has been for me. I lost my first 40 pounds on weight watchers, within about 4 months. After that, I decided that I knew the foods to eat without paying for the membership so I was gonna give it a go on my own. We had also moved into the house here in town and it started to get nice, therefore I started walking...every day. Alot. I recommend weight watchers to ANYONE. It is easy, realistic and affordable. It changed my life. To this day, I still know how many points certain foods are when I eat them and I remain conscience about the things I am putting into my body. It is simple yet it truly is a lifestyle change. I talk about being able to indulge while still trying to lose weight alot. But I also know that in those first few months, I didnt indulge a whole lot. I was determined to lose my weight and feel good again. Something inside of me was unhappy and my body was crying out for me to lose that extra weight. I was tired, I was a new mom trying to adjust to a screaming baby, and I was out of control. But I took control of my life! I did it because it is important--not to look good, but to feel good and to know that I am healthy and strong for myself, my family and to glorify God. It is necessary! are a few more pictures from the month of February last year and a couple from the past couple of days with the kids that I just want to share because they're lovin on me and I love that!!! Oh, and you can notice my new hair color, all thanks to Jeni!

Here I am last year weighing close to 165 pounds. I had already lost a few from Braden, but not much.

And here are me and the munchkins a couple days ago!!!
Thanks for being a part of this journey with me. It's been incredible and life changing! I am thankful for this year of my life. It will forever be a time that I remember reaching my goals and learning about who I am and what I am capable of--which is anything!

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Mrs. R said...

You look great and have been such an inspiration. I have lost a lot of weight since last year at this time as well and I remember joining WW not long after you all. Though my progress has been slower I hope to reach my REAL goal this year. Thank you for the motivation!!