Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding band blog

When I was 17 and Daniel proposed to me on Christmas in front of his family, he proposed with a gorgeous, simple solitaire diamond. It isnt large, but it is beautiful and perfect for my petite little hand. The band has small hearts surrounding the diamond and it is just gorgeous. After wearing it for so long, it eventually bent and because it was so thin, the bottom of the band literally cracked open and fell off. I didnt wear it for years--just kept it in my wallet so that I would see it every time I got change out. I always felt sad not being able to wear it.

When we got married, we bought a new set of rings. Mine both matched his band. Again, nothing huge or extravagant but just perfect for us. We were young, and didnt have alot of money and even if we had alot of money, we wouldnt have spent it on wedding rings. The concept of the ring is important, but the ring itself just never has been significant to us.

At the Christmas parade a couple months ago we were sitting in front of the jewelry store before the parade started and I told Daniel he should run across there and ask them how much it would be to fix my original ring. He did and it was only going to cost 80 dollars! I was thrilled. I had waited all this time thinking it would cost way more and I just didnt want to spend the money...mainly because I dont have a matching band for this ring and didnt know if I'd wear it anyway. But he got it fixed shortly after and they only charged him 30 bucks because he delivers their mail! It was awesome. So, when I did get it back and put it on--much to my surprise, it is way too big. Like falling off of my hand big. I have yet to get it sized.

Which takes me to the next issue. My other band; the actual set that we got for our wedding and used during the ceremony, which is extremely special to lost. It must have fallen off somehow. I have been sick about it because although it is small, & inexpensive--it holds so many memories for me. I wore that ring and cherished it so much during the times when Daniel was away from me for 6 ore more months. I remember holding it and crying as I prayed for him to come home safely to us. I remember looking down at it while I was delivering the babies. It holds importance in my life. I'm so upset about losing it. I've been praying that God would reveal to me where it is and I'm sure someday I'll come across it. I hope.

Awhile ago, I bought Daniel a new band to wear. A more expensive, more durable, nicer band. His was bent and worn and although it was special to him as well (he NEVER took it off since the day we got married), I knew he would like the one I surprised him with. He loves it and it looks so nice on him. I'm glad that I got it for him.

So, for Valentines day I asked Daniel if he would get me a diamond band to match the original diamond he proposed to me with. He, of course, said yes. So I have been looking and found a few that are so pretty and nice. I also found a couple of wedding band sets that I love so much. What girl doesnt love to look at rings and contemplate an upgrade? haha. He said to me that he wouldnt mind getting me a whole new set now that we have the money for a nice one. He said he would love for me to have something like that to pass down to Nora someday and eventually our granddaughters. That was special to me to hear him say that because Nanny's rings and my mom's rings really do mean so much to me. They signify marriage and strength and beauty. So, although I probably would never let him spend the money to get me a new set because I just cant bring myself to do that...I have been looking. Here are a few that I like and wanted to post. I found these online but if we actually get serious about buying one, we'll go to the actual stores and see the selection there. It's always different in the store versus online!
Which ones do you guys like? Opinions Please!!!

This first one won't show up as a picture. This is not my favorite, but I still think it's pretty.

LOVE this band. This may be the one!

I LOVE this ring! The quality of the picture isnt great, but I just love the style!

This setting is my favorite of all time! Still, the quality isnt great but you get it. The antique look is gorgeous and my favorite!


Janice said...

Ramee, I've been married almost 28 years and I've never taken my wedding band off. The design on one side is all but worn off from rubbing on my engagement ring. The prongs on my diamond are so worn at the top, I don't even know how the diamond stays in. I want to have it reset with two more smaller diamonds on the side but at this point in time, we just can't do it yet. So, I hardly ever wear my diamond any more.

Here's hope for finding your ring. I read a story once were a newly engaged couple went up to the lake for a family vacation. While swimming, the ring slipped off the girls' finger and was never found. Years and years later, the couple wanted to take their kids to that lake. One of the kids had gone fishing and when he returned with a fish and cleaned it out, there was the ring. I hope it doesn't take so long to find your ring, but at least we know there is hope.

I love the simplicity of the first ring.

Kalli said...

I think the first actual picture one is beautiful and simple. Steve and I have to start the search as well. We went cheap and mine has broken at least twice, and the first time instead of repairing my ring they gave me a new one, so the one we got married with is long gone. I regret that so much.
Anyway, I hope it shows up and happy hunting. Its always fun to look at that stuff€!

Penny said...

Ramee, I would take the second set. Also, a great place to look for jewelry if you have the cash instead of financing is Sams. I don't know if they do sizing. Their prices are great compared to the stores. I am trying to lose weight so I can wear my rings again.

Mrs. R said...

They all are beautiful! I couldn't pick but I'm sure any of them would look great.

Rachel said...

I LOVE THE FIRST ONE!!! It's so beautiful. I also love the round one. Lucky girl, you!