Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bridal Shower pictures.

We woke up to another beautiful day here in central IL. I've been blessed enough to take the kids for their walk, let them play outside and even cook out on the grill a few times this week. Everything feels fresh and new. Everything feels light and easy. Isn't it amazing how weather really does impact how we feel?

I decided to try this spray tan stuff on my face the other night. It turned out cute so I thought I would use it all over. Big mistake. Smears, streaks and embarrassment are the results. Oh well. I'll stick to my self tanning jergen's lotion for the summer. Jeni added some brown back into my hair. I like it and it's growing which is what I'm going for since Krystal's wedding is a couple short months away. Hopefully it will be a little longer so I can pin it back the way I want to. Speaking of Krystal's wedding, here are some of the many pictures from her shower...

Danielle & Krystal & me!

The finished cake table which was gorgeous!

Danielle picked out all the decorations which matched with Krystal's colors perfectly! She did a great job!

So there's not a whole lot going on in our world today. Hopefully we'll get a chance to walk and play and then I have class tonight. Braden is currently entertaining himself and Nora is snuggled up in my bed watching her morning cartoons. She looks like such a baby! Braden said his first real sentence this past weekend and I forgot to blog it. "Uh Oh! I dropped it!" He said it 3 times on Sunday so I know it's no fluke! He's getting so big! Nora says so many of the sweetest things and I wish there was a way for me to remember it all so I could write it here. However, I tend to forget by the next day because so much happens between then and now. Anyway, they are doing good and are such a blessing to me! Braden's skin is no better even after taking him off of the milk so I (being the Dr that I am..haha) have determined it is not a milk allergy. They want to do allergy testing on him but I just feel like he's too young. His skin has been this way from day one so for now we're gonna keep him all soaked in his medicated lotion and go with the flow. Daniel is thinking and praying about joining the fire department here in town as a volunteer fireman. I would ask that you would pray for wisdom in his decision making. I really want him to do it and so does he, but the meetings and training would be on Wednesday nights which is when he plays worship. He has kind of been feeling like God is taking him out of that season but he's just not sure. I know that it will be made clear to us so thanks in advance for your prayers and love!

Have a great day everyone! The Lord is present wherever there is love and it is all around us! Take the time to experience His joy and quietness somewhere today. I know that we will! We love you all.

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