Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March!

Today is Nanny's birthday. It has been an ok day. I miss her alot but that is an every day emotion so I dont feel overwhelmed by this exact day. I'm thankful for that at least. I am also thankful today for the assurance and hope of Heaven. What a great party she must be having at the throne of Jesus today!!! I know that my mom anticipated that it would be a hard day for her, but she kept herself busy so hopefully she'll get some rest tonight and wake up refreshed tomorrow.

I'm super excited that it is March! This time last year we were just getting ready to close on the house and move our things in! It is exciting because the air is changing and next week the time will change as well, giving us one more hour of exhilarating sunlight!!! By the end of the month I hope to be walking the babies every day once again! I look forward to that so much.

Last night Daniel, my mom, Jake & I visited our friend's church in Decatur. It is called "Wake the Dead." It's awesome because this is a group of people who are truly reaching out to the hearts of our generation. These kids are lost and troubled yet here's a place that makes them feel wanted and welcome. Daniel took Jake back tonight for their actual service...last night was more of a concert than anything else, although they did have people speaking the Word which was great! I loved it! I need something refreshing and new to spark my flame once more. It's hard to stay still in one place and expect to be filled. This may give me that passion to get up and talk to someone new about the Lord tomorrow!

I've been having some slight chest pains for about 4 days. I know it's nothing big, but if you could all please keep me in your prayers I'd appreciate it. Hopefully it will pass soon or I'll have to drag myself to the dreaded Dr. I trust in the great physician, however, to heal the pain before it comes to that!!!

So since it's a new month and spring is in the air I thought I'd let you all know my current obsessions. Only a few of them today, but they are by far the greatest!!!
Like my new favorite candy bar that I have at least once a day. It's packed with like 220 calories but I cant help myself. It's FABULOUS!!!

...which brings me to Reeses Easter Eggs. OMG. Have loved them since I was a child. Still do. Cant get enough!

I recommend this CD to ANYONE, whether you're a country music fan or not. It has me singin all the time and these songs are so powerful. LOVE them anyway, but this CD has rocked my life! I sing it while I'm working out and get stares in the gym. It makes me smile and even cry but thats what great music is supposed to do, right?

And then the elliptical machine. I once had an extreme hate for it. Now, because of my shin splint I am left with no other option until I'm sure that I can run again. In the meantime, I am learning to appreciate this machine and the amount of calories it enables me to burn. It's a good workout and I think you should all try it! (while listening to sugarland and followed by a reeses bar. haha)

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Mrs. R said...

I love the elliptical!! AND those Reese's eggs...haha I can't wait to let Cole have one this year.

Glad to hear you all are doing well. Miss you!!