Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Nora is sleeping in her crib right now. I just went in to peek at her and she opened her eyes slightly only to fall right back to sleep. She is SO unbelievably beautiful. She literally takes my breath away. Her skin is so soft, pure and innocent. Her hands are so delicate. Her lips are opened just barely but enough to see how full and big they are. Her hair is a big mess of red surrounding her face and shoulders and it is so silky that it leaves me speechless. She is growing but still looks so much like a baby. My baby. She is still wearing pajamas with feet in them which reminds me of how little she still is. She's my whole life. This baby that is sleeping so soundly in the room next to me is the entire reason I was born. She made me a mother for the first time and that is a special and unique thing that is hers. It belongs to her. I treasure the fact that I was my mom's first baby and although it doesnt make me any more important or loved any more by her; we do share it. It has so much meaning to me now just looking at my own little redheaded beauty sleeping so still. I have always loved watching her sleep...from the minute I laid eyes on her. She slept with me, in our bed until after Braden was born. It was very special for me to be able to share that with her, because Daniel was gone and in a sense, we were both needing that special comfort. Seeing her sleep now takes me back to that deep desire I have always had with share every moment with her so delicately and perfectly. I know I will always do that. She is my baby. A beautiful light and gift from God. Thank you Lord!

In other news, our budget power bill for the rollover balance of the entire last year arrived. Hello 1500 dollars! Lovely, right? I dont care though because I will not let this house be cold all winter for the sake of saving a buck. We have babies!

Daniel & I had our first argument of the week last night. It was silly and childish on my part and I apologized. I write this only to let you know that one argument in a week is considered great in this house! The Love Dare is truly changing our thinking about marriage!

Everything else is great. My shin is better this week and I'm still thanking God for the victory in healing. I know it's going to be good as new before I know it and I am thankful for a loving God!

My friend Bethany is pregnant! It is sudden and somewhat surprising but every child has a purpose and is a great gift from God so if you could, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! She stopped by to spend some time with us last night and we had a really good time. I love her and am going to make sure that we are a good influence and support system over the next few months!!!

Today is officially the start of spring! I'm thrilled to know that we are moving forward into the brighter, happier season of this year! The dreary days of winter are hopefully behind us and soon we will be having those central Illinois thunderstorms! Wahoo. And besides that, I love seeing these kids running around our yard outside. It all feels so free, finally!!! Have a good weekend everyone!

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