Friday, March 27, 2009

My Title.

My Significant Bliss
Many of you have stared at the title of my blog for well over a year. Have you ever wondered what it means? Why I chose that phrase to define this page?
Here is why. Writing makes me tick. It brings to my heart and to my spirit something I cannot find anywhere else. There is a freedom in my words. It brings me joy and peace to write. Happiness, joy, satisfaction. Call it what you will. I call it bliss.
I feel like what the Lord lays on my heart to write about is important. I feel like writing about my children and the things that are happening in our lives is important. Hence, the word significant. It has meaning to me. It is important.
That about sums it up. Simple, eh?

I had to stop writing for a few seconds to run downstairs and see why my quiet children had all the sudden started screaming at the top of their lungs at the same time. Typically if one is crying, the other has inflicted pain on them somehow. They were both crying which is never good. Ever. I run down to find Nora with tears streaming down her face and she shows me a huge, deep bite mark on her arm where "Bubby bit me!" But I calmly (ok not so calmly) look over at him and he is crying just as hard. Therefore I deduce that Nora must have hurt him first. When she calms down and after a little corner time for both of them, I asked her if she bit him too. She said "I'll show you" and lifted up his shirt. Sure enough, bitten belly! This is the second time this week she has done that and she left a huge bruise on his arm the other night. I am not happy! They are getting bigger, stronger, and meaner! Oh boy.

Yesterday Daniel's boss pulled him aside to tell him that in 6-8 weeks they will be bringing in some workers from other offices around the district (who have been in the post office longer) to basically take his hours. He'll be able to work vacation days. In other words, I truly believe he was telling him in the most nonchalant way ever "Look for a new job, junior." It was extremely nice of him to talk to Daniel because he had no obligation to do so. We know that in the past when they have talked of his hours being cut, God has made an even greater way to meet our needs. We are beyond blessed and are so thankful and humbled. However, it is easily my first reaction to be fearful. I feel peace, of course, knowing God has a great plan in store for us no matter what the outcome may be, but it is also scary. After all, we have children and a house and it's complex. Not to God. But in my human mind it feels overwhelming.

So, if you could please just be in prayer about the whole situation we would deeply appreciate it. There are a couple of things that look encouraging but nothing that feels promising. We are praying and trusting in God to direct our path and help us follow Him and His will. His plan is perfect above all else and we are confident that we have been and are being obedient to Him.

Me: Who wants a cookie?
Nora: I do! I do! I do! I do!!!!
Braden: I do! I do! I do! I do!!!
It's amazing that he's starting to say everything she does. I'm in trouble!!!

My leg is in such deep pain. I havent went to the Dr. because I felt like it would heal with time, and rest (or half-rest) and that he would only give me pain meds anyway. I'm not so sure I can put off going much longer. It hurts even when I'm not using it so I know thats not a good sign. Trying to keep you all updated!
I have pictures on my camera and will try to get them up this weekend. We have nothing planned so hopefully we'll have a calm, relaxing couple of days. It's supposed to snow here tomorrow night! Thats right! Happy Spring, friends.

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Mrs. R said...

I LOVE the swimsuit...I have got to find one here soon.

I'm gonna try that meal, I love those lowfat frozen dinners. They are great!

Hope your leg is feeling better soon.