Monday, March 9, 2009

Pictures to brighten your day!

Hello Monday. Wish you weren't so dreary.
I thought some bright colored pictures of my glowing redheads would be a good pick-er-upper for those of you who are *still* stuck inside due to the cold, nasty weather. We had a great weekend. We went to the alumni basketball game on Saturday night and saw alot of old friends. The kids were buckwild which was to be expected but it was really fun and I enjoyed being out with them & Daniel. Yesterday was a lazy day. All of us are kind of under the weather and so we stayed home from church. We lost power around lunch time due to high winds and tornado watches, so we had to get out for some lunch. We came home and spent the rest of the day playing and lounging. It was good! Today has been a fairly quiet day too. I got out to go to ACE hardware in hopes of finding some paint colors for our bedroom and spare room, but came home with the pile of colors to choose from instead. Paint is expensive and I want to be sure that I'm sure it's the right color!!! Anyway, I have class tonight and not much else is new. Hope all is well with you all!

Here is my guy standing on a bucket. He thinks he's big stuff these days.

Hey flirty boy. You're lookin yummmmy
Oh this is my Miss Elaine. Climbing as usual. She's bored. Eating chippys in the big chair!
Sitting in the corner, looking like daddy and doin his business. haha.
...and then he said "cheese"
Us before the game Saturday night.
He is delightfully edible.
...hard to believe we were thinking the same thing about her not long ago...Look at that little face...
2 1/2 year hair. Long, curly and frolicious.

Then she said..."Pull my hair back mommy, it's bugging me."-literally. So I did and trimmed her bangs too. Jeni came in and the only thing she said was "she's finally getting chubby!" haha.

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