Saturday, March 21, 2009

Prayers for Grandma Donna.

Hello friends, near and far.
We got news last night that my grandma Donna was admitted to the hospital after having a lancunar stroke. She has been having pain for days and tried explaining it to the Dr. Tuesday morning at which time they didnt do anything for her. She went home, extremely upset and feeling like no one believed her about the amount of pain she was in. Thursday morning she woke up and couldnt move her right leg. She cant walk and grandpa has a hard time helping her do so. That morning they went into the Dr's office and they ran some tests but sent her home. Thankfully she was persistent enough to get back up yesterday and head to a bigger hospital where she got results and is now receiving treatment. She can talk, think, and move every other limb other than that one leg. I am thankful to God for that! She seemed in pretty good spirits when I talked to her on the phone last night. We spent a long time talking and hopefully I encouraged her! Grandpa is very nervous and upset and so I'm asking you all to please keep them in your prayers over the next few days, weeks, long as it takes. You can look up her condition on google and find out more information, but from what I gathered, after a year 95% of people who suffer from this type of stroke are functionally normal once again.

Last night when Daniel was praying, he prayed that God would break all the barriers of statistics and heal her quickly and amazingly! Let this be a testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness. I think she is scared and anxious and so we're standing in the gap on her behalf and praying those emotions away! She needs our strength and love and I am thankful for friends like you who will pray in agreement with us to see her through this time.

After talking to her last night I had a good long cry. Daniel held me and let me express my sadness. It brings back so many hard and sad emotions for me to have someone I love be in a situation that leaves me feeling so helpless. I hate how one minute she was fine and the next day she wakes up with no feeling in her leg and we arent even sure how long that will last. It reminds me of Nanny and that is so painful. I hate how she went to bed normal, and when she got up the next morning she was never the same again. It's all too painful and real. The enemy uses vulnerable experiences to invade my memories and it's extremely overwhelming and hard. And then I begin to feel sick and sad for my own mom because I know that it's that much more hard on her. It's just a mess of emotions and although I know we will get through it all victoriously...I needed those few minutes to cry, be afraid and then pick myself up and find the strength to pray her through this time!

God is a God of healing and of purpose. He has a plan that is divine and perfect and I am thankful that we will be able to watch it unfold during this time. He is faithful to heal us and care for us. I pray that grandma would feel peace that surpasses all understanding and that we would all find the strength to be there for her as needed.
I'll keep you all updated. Thank you so much for your love and friendship and most of all--your prayers.

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