Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random thinking and Bunny Pic

Last night, while watching TV...
Me: (In reply to something Nora said) Oh! Cool, dude!
Nora: (In her most irritiable voice of all) No! I'm not cool dude. I'm Nora!

Of coourse.


You know it didnt take long for me to make up with that husband of mine. He's pretty cute and when he grins at me just right there's no stopping my teenage-like giggle back at him. I stop and think about that young little fling we had when we were merely kids. 16 years old, driving around in the snow and parking in the country. One of the first things I said to him, (mainly so we could get back to kissing) was that he was much cuter when he didnt talk. I still find that true most days. However, this man of mine, stubborn and frustrating as he may be is great. He is striving to be more Godly and he loves us with all he is. I couldnt ask for anything more. Oh--and he gave me 2 really beautiful and healthy children. I usually thank him daily.

Speaking of healthy and beautiful children...are you still praying for Stellan and Jonah? They are warrior boys! Please continue to lift them up during your special time with the Lord. It is vital for their progress!

I don't think I have blogged about it yet, but Heidi the miniature squirrel dog has escaped 3 times this past week. She's pschycho! I go to open the door just slightly but considering I usually have one (if not two) babies on my hip, I dont exactly have the stamina to bend down and block her little body from running between my legs. The first time she got out was when I was babysitting. I had 4 small children staring out the window at me, just watching to see if I would be the dog saving hero. I was not. I cried, called Daniel and prayed. I just knew she'd get hit because she is just a puppy (aka not very smart) and she literally looks like an uber fast squirrel, which people just hit all the time. Finally I went back out and she came right to me. I thanked the Lord and although I wanted to beat her, just hugged her tight and loved on her! She made the great escape twice after that little episode, each of which Daniel decided to chase her down. Entertaining to say the least.

I truly wish I could remember the details of our day to day lives to post here because I could keep you all laughing for hours if you knew the least of it. So much goes on and so much is said by these kids that I find myself scratching my head often and wondering "is this really my life?" haha. It's a great one!

Daniel finally gave in and is letting Jeni cut his hair tonight at the salon. He didnt want to go there because it feels awkward to him to go into a salon rather than a barber. I told him to suck it up and do it. She needs our support! So he is. Hopefully I can talk him into dinner with me afterwards :)

My shin is screaming today. Wondering if I'm doing permanent damage by even walking...? Tattoo this weekend hopefully! I'll keep you posted. I called yesterday and found out that by switching to unlimited text messaging we would be saving some major bucks on our bill each month. uh, yeah boy!

Oh and by the way ...if you dont have twitter yet, join this century and GET IT! Then, follow me to keep up with me and the kids all through the live long day! How fun?!

Here's the Easter Bunny picture from a few days ago. Nora looked at it last night and said this to Daniel,
"Bubby cryin like a baby. But Nora not crying. Nora is a big girl, dad."
Notice that Brother is now just as big as his sister(who is a whole year older than him.) Can we say big papa?

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