Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday talk.

This is what I had for lunch today. With a soft, baked, garlic bread stick on the side. All together my entire (filling) lunch was less than 400 calories and it is AWESOME tasting! Whether you are losing, maintaining or just should try this dish from Lean Cuisine.
Cheese filled ravioli with tomato sauce. Delish!

For those of you wondering, I decided on this swimsuit...

It was the top choice among my lovely readers and also with Daniel. His vote matters too ya know! Plus I can totally pull off both yellow AND blue with my hair.

Grandma Donna is home and doing well. She will have some rehabilitation to do before she can walk like she used to, but all in all she is doing great and is in good spirits.

Daniel & I decided to get the kids out and go for a ride last night. We ended up in the WalMart parking lot, eating McDonalds ( a yummy caeser salad with grilled chicken for me in case you were wondering), and watching all of the people scurry in and out. It was fun! We did eventually go in the store. The kids were in their warm, cozy PJ's and looked so cute and we ended up parking their cart in front of the TV's and watching "Bolt." And of course, we ended up getting the movie from the redbox and bringing it home for Nora. She loves it!!!

Daniel & I had awesome prayer time last night! God is such a remarkable God. I felt this immense peace fall over me yesterday concerning Daniel's job and our future. This was AFTER I had woken up and felt this strong, deep desire to be in His word and prayerful throughout the day. I have been praying that the Lord would ignite that passion in me again. Sometimes we think it takes an emotional service or great worship in order to bring us to that place of fire and desperation for our God. But it doesnt! It didnt for me yesterday and I feel the same today. God is lighting my fire and that is an amazing feeling. I have always had this intense need to speak the word of God about all things, to all people and without ceasing. But I feel the urgency in my heart to be more 'aggressive' if you will. I want our children to see us lock hands, bow our heads together and pray about anything and everything. We are Christians! This is what we do. We visited grandma in the hospital and I regret not grabbing onto her and praying over her for healing. Yes, God was doing it and still is, but we have a responsibility and we should be living up to that every day. That is what we are striving for, after all. So in our moment of prayer last night I felt a deep connection with Daniel that I havent felt for awhile and it was great. God is doing a work in us, spiritually and I just love that I can share that here. It is a journey, but I love being on it with him and sharing it all with you!

Jeni & I might be getting our tattoos tonight. It is supposed to get bad outside though so we're not too sure if we'll make it. I mean we do have a winter storm watch in effect calling for up to 6 inches of snow over night. Lovely, right? I love Illinois. The tattoo place where Jeni went in last night acted like they didnt want to tattoo on our feet. Isnt it our choice? Just wondering. I'll post pictures and an update if we go!!!


Me: Nora, say "Horton" Nora: "Porton"

Me: Nora, say "Bolt" Nora: "Holt"

Notice how she CAN say her H's in a word but chooses not to? She's tricking me, or so she thinks. haha.


I am in constant pain through my leg. I looked it up online and the fact that it has gone on for so long, is centralized to one specific place on my leg, and hurts consistently and not just after exercise could mean that I have a stress fracture instead of a common shin splint. In order to find out I would have to have a bone scan because often times the fractures are so small that X-rays cant pick them up. I dont have the time, patience or money to have any of it done so please pray that I would feel some relief quickly. I'm taking alot of Ibuprofen and trying my best to rest, although I think that I'm going to have to give in and do even more resting than I had hoped I would have to do. I'll keep you updated.

I have a WHOLE lotta cute pictures to put up. I'll get around to it soon. Keep an eye out and have a great weekend!!! Love you all more than you know!

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