Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today is a good day. I'm feeling slightly manic but it's expected considering I am officially beginning the week long PMS project. haha. I sang songs all night and cant get one thing accomplished because I want to do 100. It's frustrating how crazy I sometimes feel. Anyway, things are good. My chest is still hurting and I'm just asking that you would all help me bind the enemy's attack of anxiety on my life away in the name of Jesus. I dont feel anxious, but any other time I have gone to the Dr. with a symptom such as this they always come back to the same thing: anxiety. I know that we have power over this attack and I am standing firm by praying and not claiming this over my life. I wont accept it or stand for it. Victory is mine! I truly feel like this could be something different and for that I'm praying for healing so that I dont even have to visit the Dr. I will, however, if it persists...so dont worry!

Braden woke up sick and got into bed with me at 6:30. He fell back to sleep in my arms until 8. He has NEVER, I repeat, NEVER done that. It was awesome and I cherished every second. Then we got up and he layed with me on the couch for a good 45 minutes. Sweet boy. It takes him getting sick to get any snuggle time, but it was awesome!

I've been busy doing bulletin boards for the Y. It's been fun but I'm glad I dont have to worry about another one for a few weeks. I'm gonna try to re-do them each month to liven the place up a bit. I enjoy making others feel encouraged so thats my goal!

I joined twitter. I'm already obsessed. You can join to! If you do, find me & add me! All the cool kids are doing it! www.twitter.com

I tried to upload some videos of the kids from my cell phone but something happened to the sound from there to here. I wish it worked but it just didnt. I'll try to send some from Daniel's phone and see if we can get you guys a glimpse of their wildness soon! Love you all!

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