Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tattoos, pictures, bruises & prayer.

Jeni, Daniel & I went last night to get our tattoos. Mine and Jeni's that is. Daniel, unfortunately for him, did not get another one. yet. Jeni went first because quite honestly I knew that if I had gone first and she saw me in pain, she wouldn't have gotten hers after me. It was horrifying to watch because she was in such intense pain. I thought she was exaggerating. She wasnt. It was just as painful but not as long as child birth. Really. It still hurts today pretty bad. Jeni ended up getting hers where we both originally wanted it, but I changed my mind and opted for the top of my foot, so that it can be seen in almost all of my shoes. I LOVE how they turned out and will forever be reminded of Nanny when I look at it. I will also be reminded of the strength, pain and courage it took it get it done which symbolizes, at least to me, the strength, pain and courage it has taken us to even get to this point in our lives without Nan in it. It's an awesome thing and I'm SO SO glad we did it!
Bella Memoria: Beautiful Memory.
The last few days have been filled with a spiritual battle that has been pretty intense for us. I cant and wont go into details but I am just amazed at the spiritual strength we have found together! God is working in us and therefore through us to do awesome and wonderful things! There is such a purpose in prayer! There is such power in hitting your knees and standing firm in something you believe is right. God is our God! He is a mighty and loving King!
This is, by far, my new favorite picture of us. Taken this morning!
I don't think I have written about it, but up until now Braden hasnt wanted to take a binky. However in the last week he started wanting it and now we cant seem to get it away from him. It's super cute and I must admit it takes away some of the excess noise throughout the day. haha.

Here is a picture of me from this morning. Currently 110 pounds.

Brother and mommy. Notice his yummy tummy?

This never happens so I had to hurry and get a picture. My babies snuggled up with granny's blanket on a cold spring day!

The following picture was taken of Nora right after her and brother bit one another. Haha Here is Braden's battle wound. She broke the skin...

...but he wasnt foolin around either! He's showin her that he aint no baby anymore! Look at that perfect mouth mark! new favorite picture of the kids! Do they know they're cute or what?

And now I want to showcase some of the many faces and personalities of our little guy...sweet, calm and gentle... ...screaming at the beginning of a MASSIVE tantrum...

...still angry, but recovering slightly... Playful, calm, caring... ...Dancing machine!...
...unpredictable......kissable, huggable, lovable!...And Beautiful!

Along with our little miss. Who is also very beautiful. Who knows it too. haha. Eating with Elmo and trying to tell me something. I was laughing in this...

...because of his face in this... Uncle Jake was reading to the kids. Braden loves that!

Notice, Braden sneaking a kiss in there for his Uncle.

Braden loving on Heidi, who just HAS to be in there...geesh.


Anonymous said...

Love The new tattoo, what a sweet way to remember your grandma! I also enjoyed looking at the adorable pictures of your little ones!! ;-)

Shea Posey said...

Love the tattoo. I'm wanting to get one on my foot soon. Love all the pictures, especially of Braden dancing!

Natalie said...

I love the tattoo & all the pics of the kids!

Natalie said...

By the way - you look fantastic! What have you been doing to lose weight?