Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday update.

Today is Thursday. I am so tired! I had to teach kickboxing not only Monday and Wednesday nights like usual but Tuesday morning and today as well. As of last night I knew that my shin just couldnt take it. It was throbbing and burning and I realized I had, again, pushed myself past my limits. It was feeling great and I've just done too much too quickly. I need to let it heal completely but how does one do that when their job is a fitness instructor? And PS I have two babies to chase after all day. It's not as if I get very long in between to throw my leg up and rest. It's rough...but we'll get through it. I'm still praying and know that God can heal this pain like He has so many times before! He's an awesome God!

I went out to eat with an old friend last night after class. It was a blast and I loved catching up. Her and her husband are Christians and live here in town so I'm hoping to be able to spend more time with them very soon!

Abby & Andy are coming over for dinner tonight...or that's the plan. I havent heard from them yet but laid the chicken out so hope they are still coming. They better not stand us up. haha. Nora was running a fever a little earlier so please pray that she doesnt get sick. She's been so loving and good lately. Her little personality is killin me. Braden on the other hand....oh boy. Watch out with his attitude. He's talking SO much in the last week and can repeat anything you say at this point. Still no sentences, but he did say "Bye Jeni" on the phone the other morning. He's super funny as always.

Daniel is doing well. I, (being the loving wife that I am) made him a massage appointment for tonight. I'm glad he gets to go and I hope he enjoys it as much as I did a few weeks ago. It'll be good for his legs since he walks SO much! We got to stay up late as I iced my leg last night and caught up on alot that we just dont get to talk about every day. It's hard to find time most days. Sad but true.

Rachel and Amos are trying to have a baby! To read more or to keep up with them, visit her blog!!! You can find a link somewhere on my page I think and if not, go to the list of people following (stalking) me and click on her picture. You'll surely be encouraged my her words as well! Holla Rache.

Oh, and dont forget to be praying for Jonah! I am praying everyday and can see God working through his very strong mom! She's a trooper and I hope she knows how great she is! Jonah's little life is a challenge but God is our healer and can perform great and mighty acts. This little guy needs an army of prayer warriors standing in the gap for him. I'm challenging you to find time today! Click on this link to read daily updates about how he's doing!

So how are YOU today? I love you all and think about you always.

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Rachel said...

Just want you to know I'm praying for Jonah-bless his heart. Heal him Jesus!

Love you and thanks for the shout out ;)