Friday, March 6, 2009

Warm weather and walkin babies!

I woke up yesterday morning and it was amazingly warm in the house. This led me to believe that it was also warm outisde...and it was. Windy, but warm. I started cleaning at 9 am and did not finish until 3 pm. The entire house from top to bottom, inside and out is clean! The windows, window sills, floors, cabinets, drawers...everything! It feels great! I am still not feeling well, though, so I was exhausted. I even put off going to the store until today...and I almost feel worse today. Great.

We woke up this morning and it is GORGEOUS outside. I loaded the babies into the stroller and walked my little heart out. It felt awesome! I have waited for months to strap them in and go. They loved it...talking and laughing the whole time. A silly squirrel ran in front of us and Nora thought that was funny!

Not much is going on tonight. I'll be going to the store and making dinner and we'll be lazy I'm sure. I wish I felt better but my throat is just killing me and now my ears too. Darn it, I hate being sick. Anyway, the babies are far they seem fine. I'm thankful!

I know this is a boring post and I havent taken picutres in a LONG time. I'll get on that for ya! Have a great weekend everyone...and remember even if I dont post an update, you can come to my blog and keep up with me on twitter. It's on the top left of my page! I thought that those of you who are into stalking me would appreciate it! Love you all.

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