Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Pictures from our world.

Our weekend has been awesome! Friday night after not feeling good, I rested and woke up much better. Saturday night my mom kept Braden so that Daniel & I could take Nora, by herself, to a play place called Make-A-Mess! It was so much fun for her and we loved it too! Yesterday morning we woke up and headed to church. It was a great service and I finally felt refreshed, after a long dry spell. We came home and Nora and I went for the longest walk (it was beautiful outside). Brother was sleeping. She fell asleep in the stroller which was the sweetest moment I've had with her in a very long time. She looked like such a baby girl. She knows our walking route (which shows how much we do it) and she woke up in a panic saying "I want fries, momma." We were already past McDonalds. haha. When Braden woke up we took them to the park for awhile which was so nice and so fun! Last night we relaxed, cleaned up and Jeni & I watched our show. It was an over all great weekend. Here's some pictures to show for it!
Aunt Jeni pretty much begged me not to take this. haha.
Daddy gettin the boy.
At the park!
handsomeness! his sunday best.
...and Nora who was asking everyone at church, "do you like my dress?"
Runnin away from the camera.
Hello Hair.
Before church.

Nora didnt want her picture taken. She's my sweetie.
My babes.
Oh they are lovely.
and then brother decides he wants to kick Nora.
Her new expression that she uses with EVERYTHING she says...

Just me.
Mama & Nora
Accidental close up.
He LOVED the park!
Nora made a new friend and giggled so much!
Go figure...Brother's afraid of the swings. hahahaha.
It's NOT your imagination...he really IS this big!

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