Saturday, March 7, 2009

Windy Saturday.

Yesterday was an AWESOME day. We went for a walk, played outside, napped and played outside some more! Daddy got some leaves raked up left over from fall and things are starting to feel much cleaner. Much lighter around here. I went to Dollar General, Wal mart and IGA. My usual pay day rounds. It was relaxing because it was actually nice outside and not 15 degrees. I could walk slowly in and slowly out. I took my time, didnt get stressed and actually (gasp) enjoyed it a little.

I got home and was putting groceries away when Daddy and the babes walked downstairs all cleaned up. We decided to go out to dinner after spending 200 bucks on groceries. Makes sense, right? Everyone does that, right? haha. But as I was putting the groceries away Grandma and Grandpa showed up with our tickets to a spaghetti dinner tonight. They asked to watch the kids while we went out alone. ALONE. It was soooo nice!!! Daniel & I actually got to talk and catch up on our week. We dont get much time to do that ya know. We came home and were quickly reminded by a smart little redhead that we had forgotten to pick up her "pony movie" from the movie store on the way home. Out the door she went, daddy in hand. I stayed home with Braden and gave him a bath and some extra cuddles. After putting the kids to bed, we headed that way too. We're beat!

I love that Grandma and Grandpa stop by like that and that they are able and willing to be a part of the kids' lives. It is super special to me. It made me miss Nanny quite a bit, though. Sometimes I dont know that I have those feelings until they just surface out of nowhere. I was sad for a minute that she isnt here to just randomly stop by and bring them special things. I realize that my mom is their nanny, but I just long for her so much. I long for them to know of her sweetness. And I know she would have loved to have seen them and been a part of all that is happening in our lives. I am thankful that God has given these children some amazing grandparents and great-grandparents. They are very blessed and I think it is worth rejoicing over!

I slept well last night despite my sore throat. It is getting better but NyQuil is officially my bff this week. While I was sleeping the Lord spoke to me in my dreams. "The earnest, heartfelt prayer of a righteous man shall be heard." and other verses from Corinthians were spoken into my ear. It was a sweet reminder of how very real our Lord and Saviour is and wants to be in our lives. I know that when you seek out to serve Him He honors that! I am so grateful to this loving King.

I'm still praying for baby Jonah daily. Are you? Scroll down to find the link to his parent's blog and please take the time to get on your face for him today. He has touched my heart.

Another beautiful day today. We went walking although it was unbelievably windy and now we're napping. It's a sweet, sweet life.

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