Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 09! A beautiful success!

We woke up bright and early (6:30 to be exact) because Nora remembered that the Easter Bunny was supposed to have come last night! She came down the stairs to find her basket...
... and all of the goodies inside. Candy, Bunny ears, fairy wings and so much more!
Brother woke up a little after Nora to find his basket too!
Sick, tired, sweet boy
He found chocolate and toys and so much more but went right for the chocolate. Good breakfast huh?
Mmmmmm, so good mom!
After a couple of hours of playing, we got ready for church. Daddy dressed the babies, who looked SO beautiful for this special day!
Nora's dress is my favorite. Yellow and green and perfectly spring! She knew she looked pretty...
MeMe came over to bring Easter baskets and go to church with us.
Braden's medicine kicked in and he started to run SUPER fast in his new shirt and dress shoes!
Mommy & Daddy set the self timer before church because we thought it might be the only picture we got together today...
After church we stopped by Nanny's to get Easter baskets. Turns out the Easter bunny made his way there too! How special!
Both babies had to get their Bo fix. They love that cat!

...turns out while we were at Nanny's, we got a photo op with Aunt Jeni. She took a few good pictures of us and even wanted to make sure to get one of my shoes. Love her!
I took the time to go shopping for this dress, jewelry, and shoes all by myself the other night. It was relaxing and well worth it. I felt WAY cute!
During these pictures, Daniel said to me "doesnt much matter what I look like, I know I'm just another accessory for you in these pictures." haha.
We finally made it to grandma donna's and grandpa dan's house. While we there, the Easter Bunny made a grand appearance! Nora was wayyyy excited! :)
Uncle Jake was pretty excited too!
My sweet sweet girl...
Braden was excited too, but only from a distance...

Jake, Braden and grandpa spent a few minutes just talkin things over...
Us girls decided we wanted to share the love...
Nora is the most beautiful thing I have ever layed eyes on. Is she not?
We finally started the egg hunt! Both kids understood it and enjoyed it. It was a blast!
So many eggs!

Braden kept making his way towards the bunny...still not getting too close, but slowly getting some courage!
Meme helped, but he still wasnt quite having it.

Turns out we got to take more pictures than we thought we would! We looked cute~
Yay! You're doing it bubby!
Two lovely redheads.
He did it! He did it! What a brave, handsome boy!

We hope you all had as great of a day as we were blessed to have! Jesus is alive and we have the victory! What more could we ask for? Braden is sitting on my lap now and has been crying for a straight 20 minutes. He is so tired and still sick. Please keep him in your prayers for the next few days as he continues to get over whatever it is that has him feeling so terrible. We love you all! Happy Easter!!!

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