Saturday, April 4, 2009

Food, sickness and rambles.

Last night we went out to dinner for my dad's 50th birthday! It was a good time and I was so excited to eat at Famous Dave's! Jeni's boyfriend, Noah, works there and it was the first place I knew I was pregnant with Braden because I got sick after eating...and I mean, immediately after eating. The next day I could barely finish peeing when that little stick said positive! Then, right before delivering the little fancy boy, Daniel and I ate there and I got really sick again. So why was I excited to go and eat there once more? Because it's delicious!
I had BBQ chicken, a small salad, and the top of a cornbread muffin... may not sound like much but that's because I was saving room for this...
and mmmmm was it good!

But the pattern continues. I was fine all evening and at about 1 am, I woke up puking. Nice huh? I mean is it really worth it? Probably not. I havent felt good all day and slept while the kids did this afternoon for about 4 1/2 hours. It was nice! Nora climbed out of her own crib, opened her door and ran into my room. "You dont feel good mama?" So sweet but I wish she wasnt jumping out like that.

So here it is almost 8 o'clock. We got a movie to watch and I brought home some Hardees' milkshakes because I thought it would make me feel better. Until I saw the 710 calories that it's gonna cost me to feel better. haha. I still drank it and it was still good! Yum.
I've gotten so good about making us healthy lunches every day. I usually cook dinner in the evenings so I have control over what we eat, how many calories, etc. We are by no means psycho about it. It is just nice to have the knowledge to make healthy choices when we want to. One of our newest fave's is the Flat-Out flatbread wraps. They come in different flavors and are great for turkey, cheese, mayo, and onion wraps! My all time favorite! But you can fill them with what you like. The wrap itself is only 90 calories and they are so filling! Delish!

So since it's approaching spring and summer (aka shorts season), I have to start preparing for the paleness to be unleashed. I started early this year and found that the jergen's foaming lotion is way better than the regular self tanning lotion I used last year. You can use less, get a more even application and it lasts for awhile! I currently have it everywhere...except maybe my lower back because I cant reach there. haha. Everyone that has saw me thinks it looks super natural and I love feeling like I have even a little color. It's great for everyone, not just us redheads;) and it will save you from years of sun damage if you wear sunscreen and opt for this!

Me: Nora come here and lay down you need your diaper changed.
Nora: That's not true!
That's her newest and most used phrase of the week. It doesnt even make since when she says it but she sure is cute. haha.

So there's not a whole lot else going on here at the moment. We had a great week. I feel exhausted and tired and cant wait for bedtime. The kids are busy, loud and sometimes obnoxious, but in the most beautiful kind of know;)
Daniel is waiting to hear back from the Mclean county position, but if we dont hear anything in a week or so we'll know that the door isnt being opened for us at this time. Please continue to pray that we would have wisdom and peace about whatever comes our way! It's sure to be something great!!!

I wanted to share something quickly that is so special to me. Every day the kids and I have "worship time," where I just turn the CD player up as loud as it will go and we blast some worship music through our entire house. The kids dance, and lift their hands and giggle at me as I jump and dance around too. In these moments, I always feel the presence of God in such awesome ways. I look down and see these 2 children just jumping, giggling, screaming and I realize that they have absolutely no reservations about praising their king. This is what He means, I think to myself, when the Lord says to come to Him as children. With no fear, with an open heart, and with such internal innocence. They watch me as I usually cry through a few of the songs as they dance around me. Unlike other times when I am crying, they do not try to console me or even look at me concerned. They see their mother with a heart for Jesus and they are not worried. They sense the presence of God the way that I do and I am sure of it. God answers my prayers for these babies every single day and it blows my mind. I am grateful that I am able to be home and have intimate, lasting moments like these. They will forever be ingrained in my mind. This 2 1/2 year old and this younger brother of hers just living their whole lives in that one moment for our God. And they do it every day. With just as much love and passion and freedom as the day before, they give it their all.
I am learning so much from being their mother...and I am so thankful.

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