Sunday, April 19, 2009

I don't tell Him enough.

Here it is.
A picture that speaks to me on so many different levels.
This man; my husband and father of our two young children is standing in the middle of a snow covered pasture, worshipping God with no reserve.
He has no ulterior motives, no inhibitions and he has no shame.
He is holding around his neck the very gift that God wants him to use to bring glory to His name.
This man is aware of that gift and uses it for just that.
I dont tell him enough, but I am thankful for that gift.

The pasture on this very day was so cold.
It was as if someone had removed all warmth from the world around us and replaced it by bitter, icy feelings.
It was torture, in a sense, because I couldn't feel my finger tips and my nose was dripping some sort of liquid that naturally exits our bodies when the cold takes over.
But he didnt care.
He took this moment by storm.
His moment in this pasture.
Sometimes when we talk about God and how He removes our sins, we refer to it as being made white as snow.
Looking deeply into the perception of the pasture this day, I had a sense of how beautiful that statement truly is.
Being made white as snow.
I almost can't grasp it, even now.
There is nothing cleaner or more crisp.
It was so white, it sparkled as if it was soon about to become clear.
But it doesnt.
There is a powerful thing to be said about the texture of this thing we refer to as snow.
It has depth, but not much weight.
I think that our sins are much the same. To us, they have depth.
To Jesus, they hold no weight.
Ponder the thought for a moment, will you?

But getting back to this man...
I'm writing this because I dont tell him enough.
His gift of music is not the only gift he possesses. He is a man of many gifts.
A blessed man, indeed.
He is quiet and frustrating in so many ways.
He is a powerful speaker and a passionate one at that.
He has a small, gentle tick in his voice when he speaks sometimes.
He writes. He writes notes about worship and thoughts about God.
Deep, intellectual, unconventional thoughts.
He challenges my spiritual thinking.
He loves wholly.
He is a man who wants to follow his calling, which he knows is really His calling.
This man can pray. Oh, can he pray.

Daniel's testimony runs deep.
It is not something that I could ever begin to share without his knowledge or consent.
But let me just say this.
Standing in that pasture on that cold, bitter day...
I saw the same thing that he did.
A moment in time where, although we have not talked about it, I believe we were both changed.
God, Father, Daddy, Lord.
In his fullness and mercy-
has truly washed us white as snow.
We are a changed people who can only live every day to humbly glorify His presence in our lives.

This gift that my husband possesses, that I cherish so much and yet don't tell him that enough...
is a beautiful reminder of the purpose that God has for our lives.
It is strapped to his neck, or is laying on our table every second of every day.
he has a love affair with this instrument.
With it, I believe he speaks the words that sometimes go unspoken from his mouth.
It often reminds me of where he has been, who he once was and where he is today.
It is a beautiful, remarkable reminder.
I am grateful for his embrace of this gift.
And I don't tell him enough.
And I probably don't tell Him enough, either.

But I will start.
Today and every day I will tell him.
It is one thing I want to never go unspoken.
That would surely be one of my greatest regret if anything ever happened to this man.
My husband, and the father of our two young children.
Godly, kind, compassionate, sinner saved by grace, worshipper, husband, daddy.
Teachable. and. Learning.
I love him so. so. much.

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