Monday, April 13, 2009

It's hard work!

I just wanted to write to let you all know that I'll be deleting "the resting place" blog and writing about nutrition, weight loss, recipes and everything else right here! It seems more logical to just bring it all together because it is all such a huge part of my life and this blog is my baby. So, keep reading and you'll hear about it whether you like it or not;)

I first want to say that I whole heartily contribute my weight loss to walking! Pushing the babies with the jogging stroller, day in and day out, all spring, all summer, all fall. Sometimes twice a day. Please bear in mind that I do not believe it will greatly benefit you to walk if you are going to remain at a pace that isnt challenging your body. It is not a leisurely stroll that lost 70 pounds, friends. Oh no no. It is that "I'm walking so fast I should be running" type of walk that did it for me! In fact, by walking at a pace like that you are creating your own resistance. It's intense, hard, and burns an amazing amount of calories!

It frustrates me to hear people say that they dont understand why they arent losing weight. They are working out hard and no matter what they do they just cant shed the pounds. Well, what are you eating? And are you really working out hard or are you just going through the motions of getting through that half hour on the treadmill? Are you physically pushing your body to it's limits? That is what has to be done! And try to remember that while you are on the journey to weight loss, just because you are working out doesnt give you a free pass to eat anything and everything in front of you. It is crucial to be aware of what you are consuming. Just be conscience of it. I am, by no means telling you to be strict, deprive yourself of anything or even to "diet." In fact I say just the opposite. Indulge a little, work out hard, so you dont have to diet! It all becomes really simple if you just make the decisions to change and the effort to follow through with those choices!

One of my favorite mid day snacks?
Trail mix made with raisins, peanuts and a few m&m's. Eating too much would be an excessive amount of calories, but you can make it yourself and have a handful! Enjoy!


Jackelyn said...

I'm totally guilty for working out and thinking I can eat whatever I want. Haha!

Food is my weaakness.I'm always like, "well if I eat this, I'll just work out extra hard tomorrow." That never happens though and I'm still stuck at the same weight.

Ive got to make that decision to eat healthy. And stick with that decision!

Laura said...

Jumped over from Natalie's blog - I love that same trail mix! It's my favorite! :)