Thursday, April 23, 2009


After making my post yesterday I went out to get the mail and Daniel's letter from the correction's office was in there! I held it in my hands and prayed for peace no matter what the letter said. I opened it and felt so much excitement for my husband! He is officially on the list for the job which means they can call him for further testing/employment any day. He still doesnt feel 100% at peace about this particular job but is praying and trusting God. Ultimately, he will follow the path laid out for him and I know it will be the right choice. He still has his other test on Saturday. We are more hopeful about that position, but again, trying not to focus on our desires but on what the Lord has for us during this time!

I am just so proud of him! He was so nervous for his interview, didnt know if it went well, he had never had one before, etc. However, when you are in the favor of the Lord and desire to do His will, He will bless you and that is what He's doing with Daniel and our family. He accomplished something great by doing this on his own and that's a good feeling both for me and mostly for him. I knew he could and I'm so thankful for his submissive nature when it comes to following Jesus!

Also after my post yesterday, Aunt Mary called! We chatted for a while and in the midst of our talk, Nora once again took off her poopy diaper and Heidi proceeded to eat the poop. All of it happens so fast that I don't even realize it until it's done.
And as far as the resting of my leg goes? It might be close to impossible to do so. I don't think I sat down until 9 o'clock last night. I was exhausted! We went out to mom's house but when she had to leave for the Dr, the kids walked over to see the ponies with Pawpy. They had a good time and Braden is now repeating how a pony goes (which is this dreadful noise but he thinks he's big stuff.)

I won't be teaching kickboxing until at least after summer. I won't be walking the babies until my leg is feeling MUCH better. I will keep my pilates class and hopefully that will help with stretching and moving rather than causing more pain.

Please keep praying for Rachel and Amos in their baby escapades.
Also keep Felicia in your prayers as well. She has been having some infections in her body that could complicate things with the baby. As of right now, baby is a little over 10 weeks and doing well with a strong heart beat. We are praying health and growth over that little one and patience and wisdom for mamaV. We love you all and are thinking of you so so much!

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