Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little is much.

So during my day to day adventures of, ya know, Raising Redheads, I often find correlations between my love for them and the love that God must have for us. My love for them feels extreme, abundant and great but it is so minimal in comparison to the love that our Lord must feel for His children.

Tonight we were outside with the kids (as we were all day. finally.) and Nora bent down with her little body and started to pick at something itty bitty. I said, "Nora why do you always find the littlest things so amusing?" And that sentence that I spoke from my very mouth spoke to me as if from the lips of God. We are to approach the Father like the little children. Child-like in nature. This explains so much! I want to discover something even itty bitty about my God and find it amusing, remarkable and incredible! I would imagine that He thinks this way about us. After all, He created us. I'm sure the littlest thing that we accomplish makes Him proud and amused. One of my favorite ideas of God is the fact that He may giggle when we find joy. To think of God giggling brings me extreme and profound amusement. Thinking of our Father this way reminds me of the words in a song that I adore.
"A little is much when God's in it and no one can fathom the plans He holds."
Little Is Much.
When God's in it.

This blue eyed girl is so little. But there is an extreme presence in God in her. A little is much!
This sweet, fussy, dancin boy is so little. But there is a fascinating and unmistakable amount of God in him. A little is much!
...and looking at these two from day to day I know that they have great and awesome future's ahead of them. I know that they will carry out the will of God for their lives in incredible ways. (because the Lord spoke to me and told me so, remember?) However, I realize that even I cannot fathom, even their dad cannot fathom, even the people who are with them the absolute most CANNOT fathom the plans He holds for them! I am so thankful to have the freedom to teach them about the Lord that they may also choose to follow Him. I am thankful for the little things that Nora notices and the little things that Braden learns. I am so grateful for the little moments and the little glances. I am so thankful for a Lord who is alive and who chooses to speak something so powerful as this very message to me on an ordinary day like today.
"A little is much, Ramee, and you cannot fathom the plans I hold for this family."
Thank you, Lord.

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